Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Red Pill Resources for Vaccination Research

**Since this is a health-related post, I need to make sure I clearly state at the outset that this is NOT intended to be taken as specific medical advice. I am not a doctor. You are totally responsible and liable for your own health choices, as am I for my own.**

I have had several friends and acquaintances reach out to me in recent months, wanting to know what resources I have found on the topic of vaccination. I have decided to put my favorite sources in one blog post for anyone who is wanting to learn more on the topic, to be able to use as a spring board for further research.

I have requested on several occasions that my friends who promote vaccination with a fervor, share their best studies or investigations of studies with me. As I have read past the abstracts on such papers and links, I am easily able to find flaws that weaken my trust in what I increasingly suspect to be simply a dogma and NOT reliably proven by science – the idea that vaccines are safe, highly and reliably efficacious, and more beneficial than harmful to our immune systems and our minds. But, by all means, if you have a study that you feel is out of this world in its execution, that you believe proves vaccination (including the current recommended CDC schedule) to be the nectar from the gods it has been purported to be, I’d love for you to share it with me so I can examine it for myself.

At this point, unless I can find enough solid evidence to be convinced otherwise, I will refuse all vaccinations for my own children and myself. I will also continue to fight for everyone’s right to choose for themselves. Where liability and outcomes rest solely on the shoulders of parents and children (thanks a lot National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. . . ), the choice to vaccinate or not vaccinate has to be our own to make.

And now, some resources for your review:
  • A family medicine doc of 35 years, Sam Eggertsen, gives a well-researched explanation about, “Why do parents refuse to vaccinate their children?” A very good intro to the topic, especially for doctors, to better understand the variety of issues people are taking with vaccines.
  • Dr. Suzanne Humphries – all her youtube videos are phenomenal. Especially love her videos on herd immunity and measles, Vitamin C, and aluminum (here and here.) She wrote the book, “Dissolving Illusions.” One of the best books to read to put vaccines in their proper perspective historically. It has been a very eye-opening read for me.  
  • Vaccine Papers is a really great blog that delves into the science on the topic of aluminum toxicity. The info on this site has convinced me that the aluminum adjuvent is a major concern with vaccines. To see a two page document that sums up a lot of the pertinent info on this site, check this out.
  • Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on the CDC website. It is hard to navigate data, but in it you can discover things like the fact that 108 people died from the measles vaccine, and 0 people died from actual measles over the course of over a decade in the U.S. Neil Z. Miller has looked at this data extensively (and studies on vaccination in general) and has a great book, Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies.
  • “Vaxxed” documentary – This one is all about fraud at the CDC regarding the MMR – their study found it actually does have a strong correlation with Autism and at a much higher rate in African-American boys! Dr. William Thompson is the whistleblower and Brian Hooker compiled 10,000 pages of documents using FOIA to further show this and other fraud. The integrity of the science surrounding vaccination should be of utmost concern for all of us.  
  • I found evidence of further fraud about the mumps component of the MMR as well. Also, Dr. Gary Goldman, a former CDC researcher, explains the fraud the CDC was trying to get him to participate in his interviews on Vaccines Revealed. This document sums up that story well, too.
  • I want to read the book, “Vaccines and Autoimmunity”, but it is very pricey so I have not yet purchased it for our library. This is the introduction of the book is at the following link. There are many studies to check out even just at the end of this intro. You can youtube speeches by the authors as well – more dry on the presentation, but important info to consider. Along these lines, it is worth going down the rabbit hole about the speculation that the HIB vaccine has caused the peanut allergy epidemic (peanut oil in manufacturing process), and that other vaccines have contributed to the allergy epidemic as well.
  • Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych's book, “Vaccine Illusion” is a good one, too. Made me question whether vaccination wasn't actually hurting my and my family’s true immunity against disease. She is a well-spoken advocate for vaccine choice. I got access to her e-book for free by subscribing to Green Med Info’s newsletter.  
  • Super succinct blog post part 1 of 4, that looks at the research and claims about vaccination. From a decidedly anti-vaccine stance, in a debate-style format.  
  • The book, “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan” by Dr.Paul Thomas may be a helpful resource. He recommends a very limited and spread out vaccination regimen. Dr. Thomas explains how he gave his patients informed consent and then he followed the kids in his practice to see the outcomes. With over 1,000 patients’ data, he observed zero patients with Autism in the groups who followed his plan, or amongst those who chose not to vaccinate at all, but the patients in his practice who followed the traditional CDC vaccination schedule have national average rates of Autism. 
  • The Mawson Study – Interesting but not without its flaws. This is however, one of the only studies that even looks at vaccinated vs. unvaccinated kids on a variety of health issues. If nothing else, the findings should be getting everyone outraged that we DON’T have any reliable studies that look into this issue more deeply and accurately. Vaccine Papers discusses this study and other purported vax. vs. unvaxxed studies in more depth.
  • Worth researching more in depth – the MTHFR mutation. Many believe this is the mutation that makes individuals more susceptible to vaccine injury!
  • This gal - also a doctor's wife, did a better job than I did compiling research and resources. You may be interested to check out her 21-page document here.

  • Here is a great compilation of questions to ask your doctor – or if you are a doctor promoting vaccination, questions to be able to answer. . . Also, I have to admit I got a kick out of this document. It is for clients to give to their doctors who try to get them to sign a “refusal to vaccinate” form. Puts everything back in perspective, and power back into the hands of those who really have to deal with the outcomes of vaccinating or not vaccinating – whatever those might be.  
What information have you found valuable in your own research on the topic of vaccination?


  1. Oh God... I can not help but stress enough how important vaccines are! I absolutely stand against this no vaccine trend. Stop being stupid and get your child vaccinated!

    1. #Notanargument ;) But, if you have something to share that you believe would be relevant and helpful to the discussion, I'd love to see it.



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