Friday, June 2, 2017

Dancing to Different Beats: The Hepworth Girls' First Dance Recital

The girls' Christmas gift from Mimi and Grandpa (my parents) this year, were dance lessons at our community rec center. These were their first, and they LOVED the experience. (Seriously - what a wonderful gift for grandparents to gift to their grandchildren!) They loved their teacher Mrs. Caitlyn, getting out of the house, and making some new friends while they learned more about how to move their bodies.

Here are a couple snapshots from their first day in class:
Joce in her class.

 Atley in hers.

They each had a professional photo taken in their recital garb later in the semester:
(I snapped this one of her whole class through the window. It's not professional, obviously - hahahahahaha!)
 Here is Atley's photo:
 And her with her whole class:
Last night was their recital - the culmination of several months of weekly classes. They got to show off what they had learned in front of a large audience, on stage, with exciting lighting.

As it turns out, Jocelyn decided to go the non-conformist route, gain a follower and create a bit of confusion in a couple others. (She's the little lady on the far right.) She felt the music her own way I suppose. After her performance, Squire said it reminded him of a quote he'd read by Mark Twain that said, "All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure." So we'll call it a success, I guess?! Haha! Still cringing, shaking my head, but mostly laughing about it. Here she is dancing to "I'm in Love with a Monster" by 5th Harmony.

Atley is the second in from the right in her class' performance to Michael Jackson's, "Beat It."

Post performance photo with their teacher, Mrs. Caitlyn. <3
The girls were excited to have hair like CJ's for the evening, (CJ is their cousin with naturally super curly hair.) Cheesy smiles for the win.
One of my own earliest memories was when my dad gave me a bouquet of flowers after my very first dance recital as a little girl. I felt so special and surprised at the gift. These girls were definitely pleased at their rosy surprises as well. :)
We finished off our special evening with a visit to Jungle Retreat for a $1 ice cream scoop each - a sweet ending to a happy family night, celebrating these lovely girls and the culmination of their first tutored exploration in dance.


  1. This is the most cutest thing I have seen on the internet today. These kids look amazing while dancing. I am sure they will be professionals soon.

  2. They all look so adorable and cute in those dresses. I really liked the way they are taking part in the dance and it is wonderful to see their enthusiasm and passion towards dancing.



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