Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What's been missing. . .

Something has been missing on this blog for quite a long stretch. I haven't posted here since November 1st! Since this post was written, so much has happened in the Hepworth home!  I think it's about time I filled you in on what you've been missing.

My first vehicle, our little Jeep Liberty - Weasly - finally died. He is currently sitting in our garage waiting to be sold for parts when we get the time and gumption. After several difficult months, we returned to our status as a 2-car family with the purchase of a great used Suburban, fondly named by his previous owner, "Bruce." (Like the shark on Finding Nemo.)

We did Thanksgiving with Squire's family and Christmas at home, Christmas dinner with a couple friends. Jocelyn turned 2, Atley turned 4, Lincoln turned 6, and I just celebrated/am celebrating my 7 1/4 birthday (29 years old!) We have had family visit, we've visited family, a new nephew was born (on Atley's birthday!) and we attended his baby blessing. We took a trip to Disneyland Valentine's week with my family, and by some miracle Squire was even able to come for a few days of the trip.

Squire has done another away rotation, and another rotation of nights, and OB. He is now able to earn a little extra money moonlighting. This change has made it so second year of residency isn't much better than the first as far as him being around, but our financial burden has been lifted slightly and that has been a welcome change.

We've been doing the home school thing with consistency, and Lincoln and Atley are really starting to read. I've delved into some heavy research on vaccines (always gotta be researching something controversial, right? ;)) I've also chopped off a whole lot of my hair and felt self-conscious about it, but think I like it now.

We thought Spring time was starting to melt away the tundra but then another Russian style storm blew in. Our 4 years in Tucson have made me weak to the cold and I have mostly been walking around in my big heavy canvas coat and living the hermit life to avoid facing the cold any more than I have to. I am anxious for Spring and green to get here in a way I don't know I have ever been so anxious for them to come. I'm grateful that our chickens have decided to start laying eggs again like Spring is already, here, at least. They have toughened up to the cold and regularly trek across the snow to dig for worms and bugs under the composting leaf pile at the top of our hill. And I'm sure there is even more I have forgotten to tell you. . .

Oh, yes, at least one more thing.

Something has been missing in this Hepworth home of our ours. Squire was aware it was missing for quite some time before the kids or I were aware, but once we felt it. A hunt began.
It wasn't behind the blanket on the rocking chair, or in the pantry,
 It wasn't in the coat closet . . .
 Or with the crumbs under the cabinet . . .
 It wasn't in the toy basket . . .
 Or under the couch . . .
 And, it wasn't in the hutch! Where could it be?!
 We know!
 Right here.
That's the something that's been missing. The someone who has been missing from the Hepworth home and blog.

Baby Hepworth is 16 weeks, and expected to arrive, sometime near August 14th, 2017. Looks like adding one more sweet member to our family will be the most significant contribution to the final year of my 20's! :)


  1. How exciting to hear you are expecting! We just welcomed our 6th child into this world last week. Good to hear some things going on in your life. Your kids have sure grown up since we've last seen you guys. I hope your pregnancy continues to go well.

  2. So much to tell us, you have been missing for a long time and i honestly missed your blogs! Its good to know that the husband and children are doing good!



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