Friday, September 9, 2016

Kissing My Life: Happy, Messy Moments

I found this sign in a home decor shop in Pocatello. I loved the saying and so I took a quick, crappy picture of it. It says, "Kiss your life. Accept it just as it is. Today. Now. So that those moments of happiness you're waiting for don't pass you by."

This post is devoted to snapshots of some such moments I've experienced at home with our three rugrats over the past 6 months. I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of our messy, crazy, happy little life in these photos. When everyone is grown, these are the sorts of things I hope they remember from their childhood. Life is good.

June 4, 2016

Today we were heading in the house from the car and Jocelyn was refusing to come in with me. "But it's hot in the car!" I told her. She blows on her hands and says matter of factly with a know-it-all bouncy head nod, "Off!" (She's blowing herself off to keep cool.) Then she blew on me to make sure I was staying cool.

On a related note, if you give her a tissue, she'll put it on her face and blow raspberries with her mouth to mimic the sound of nose blowing.
Saying "Cheese!" for the picture.
Jocelyn brushing daddy's hair after a long day at work.
Joce hiding in her favorite spot - our closet.
July 9, 2016

Lincoln:"Mom, you're the best mom I ever had!"
 and also this gem:
Lincoln: "Mom, did you know that Gorilla glue is the strongest glue in the whole world? But, there is something even stronger than Gorilla glue."
"Oh, yeah - what's that, Lincoln?"
"Heavenly Father's Love. It is the most powerful thing in the world! Even more powerful than Gorilla glue!"
The Chicken Whisperer holding Betty.

Proud to have completed a really hard puzzle (with only a little help from Daddy.)

August 11, 2016
Atley and I get dressed in our jammies tonight and she's looking at us through my closet door mirrors. She says,
"Mom, you're cute, but I'm cuter. You're still a little cute, but I'm cuter, huh?"
"Yes, honey, you're definitely cuter than me."
Lovely girl.

Lovely girl, with my makeup smeared all over her neck and face. . .

August 19, 2016
Lincoln: "Mom, I wanna tell you a joke."
Me: "Please, tell me your joke!"
Lincoln: "An elephant with an ant head!" *Laughs hysterically* "I joked you!"

Self Portrait, by Lincoln
That non-flouridated toothpaste has its drawbacks . . .
September 1, 2016
Lincoln and Jocelyn walk into the living room covered in mud. Lincoln excitedly says, "Mom, does it look like your kids had fun?!" Me: "Mmmhmm. . . "


The ottoman is the perfect place for pom pom storage.

September 5, 2016
Lincoln to Atley: "If a chicken pecks you, be like a boy, don't cry!"
Atley thinks about it for a second and responds: "If I get pecked, I'll cry!"

Lincoln was climbing up on this beam to be by the chickens as they roosted. (Squire was winterizing the coop panels, and it was getting late!)

All dressed up with no-where to go. For Atley, dressing up is a way of life.

September 9, 2016
Lincoln: “Mom, Don’t you wish you could read a manual that would teach you how to get your kids to listen to you? That would be so awesome, huh?!”
Me (about 15 minutes later): "Hey Linc, So, if you were going to write a manual that would help kids listen to their parents, what would you say? What would help YOU be able to listen to your mom and dad better?"
Lincoln: "I don't know! You could write it. You know better than me."

Home school Grocery store for a math lesson
Lentil Box pants, all the rage.

Workin' on their swing dance moves.
I bought some goggles for the kids. Naturally, they all wanted to wear them home.
Rockin' the headbands. Lincoln there in spirit with his mirror drawing.
Found this cool riding toy at Farm House Furniture. Life's a game.
Harvesting rainwater.
Sporting homemade felt masks. One of them is excited to be photographed.
On a mission, most likely to succeed.
Miss Independent dressed herself and is painting a place mat.

Boyhood happiness, right here.
Sleeping in a box? Why not?
Snuggly morning face.

A rare shot of Jocelyn's hair NOT looking like a tornado ran over the backside of it.

Building a fort with a tarp and rope in the backyard.
Helping me make soil blocks for starting seedlings.
Jocelyn's go-to move when music comes on. This one was to Mindy Gledhill's "Pocketful of Poetry."
Favorite breakfast spot, right out there with the chickens.

Undercover photographer.
Self portrait #3,472 By: Atley
Lincoln and Atley love to ask Squire for an "under dog" on the swings every day he is home. Lincoln also regularly asks about Squire's schedule in the following manner, "Dad, did the doctors say you can stay home today?!"

Stirring cement for daddy.
Life for the next year and half.
Block castle with revolving doors.

Oh, my! Haha!
Putting on smiles, after a successful battle with some troubling car trouble.

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  1. Your Child so cute and smart, I like the way you take those pictures with them. Look at them grow up day by day is happiness.
    Time fly so fast, and you are right - "Kiss your life. Accept it just as it is."



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