Saturday, July 23, 2016

Stumped at the branches - A Poll for My Readers!

To any and all who take the time to read my blog, thank you! To those who take the time to read and comment, triple thanks!

I’m stumped right now, friends. 

Photo Credit: National Library of Ireland on The Commons, on Flickr
I have blog post ideas but the words aren’t flowing to the page, and they haven’t been for weeks, either. That's all fine as I generally just blog once a month these days. That said, I’ve been feeling the itch to write something and I believe getting some feedback from you lovely readers would give me just the spark I need to get something to really burn up this blog space. I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section and on this poll. Which of these posts if any would be of interest or help to you in the near future? Don’t see something you’d like me to write about on the list? Please, tell me about it in the comments section! 

Cast your vote at this link. THANK YOU!!!!

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