Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I have a dream, and I need your help to make it come true.

I can’t unsee the Planned Parenthood videos that came out last year. I have become fully awake and righteously angry about the fact that babies are being (electively aborted) murdered, and in turn are being used for research in multiple areas: some current vaccines, future vaccines, food products, body products, and a variety of pharmaceuticals.

This disgusts, saddens and enrages me! BABIES ARE NOT PRODUCTS! But what can I do? I’m just a lone homemaker living in a small town in Idaho. Small as I am in the grand scheme of things, I do have American blood in my veins, and that counts for a whole lot. The independent charitable actions of Americans have been weaving the warm fabric of real, powerful answers to complexing social/moral problems for hundreds of years now, and now I feel it's my turn to contribute a thread to the tapestry.

Part of the push-back on facebook I have seen, especially with regards to the vaccine issue, is that for staunch pro-vaxxers (For the record: I am sympathetic to both sides on this issue), there is a lack of knowledge about the fact that there are actually ethical alternatives for most vaccines which already exist, a lack of information or resources to obtain them, or easy-to-obtain information on the safety of these ethical alternatives – obstacles I can see being removed and leaving them without excuse to get on board from a moral standpoint.

The resources to combat this problem are scattered, and therefore ineffectual at moving a booming biotech industry which has taken quite a hold on us.

My dream is to start a non-profit organization, which:

Provides information about what products use technology derived from electively aborted babies, provides in depth information about ethical alternatives for these products, and also facilitates modes of action we might take to move the industry. By educating and empowering people with information, they can be the change they want to see. I also want my site to promote and help people become aware of the players in the biotech industry who pledge to only use human tissue acquired in ethical means for their research. And if there are pharmacies out there which only use ethically-acquired pharmaceuticals out there, I want to promote them too. I think it might also be useful to provide further access to pro-life resources for moms considering abortion.

For this project I need:

  • Business savvy people
  • Campaign/marketing gurus
  • Non-profit experts
  • Digital artists
  • Website developers
  • Clear, objective thinkers
  • Researcher warriors
  • Scientists from the biotech industry
  • Writers and editors
  • Secretary types
  • Facebook group moderators
  • Doctors and pharmacists
  • People with money to make a lot of this possible! ;)
  • Above all: parents, grandparents and individuals who care and will spread this cause by word of mouth, on social media, in their neighborhoods, and from whatever platforms they have to speak!

This project is bigger than me, my skills, or funds alone can manage, but together I KNOW we can do this, and I am committed to pledging my time, heart and effort in making this project a reality! If you have any of the skills, abilities, money, or desire to help me in this project, please contact me at, or in the comments section here, and let me know!

Please, share this with your friends and contacts, and pray for the right people to be guided my way, so that we might build this righteous project together!!

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