Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Old Friends at Our New Place

Amanda, my dear friend from Tucson, made a three hour detour while visiting family in Utah, to come visit us for a few days. For the last four years, Amanda has been my Tucson tour guide, neighbor, friend, sister in the Gospel, a calming influence (we all know I could always use more of those!), a listening ear, crafty/artistic consultant, the person with an egg or scoop of vanilla when I ran out, and my parenting Sensei. We've thrown a boutique-style garage sale together, picked and canned prickly pears together, celebrated Halloween, Easter, birthdays, and other special occasions together. She (and Allison!!) threw an adorable baby shower for Atley, and watched my children during each of my girls' births. We've cooked some amazing ethnic food, discussed a small pile of books at book club, and shared our stories, hearts, pains and joys with each other. Not having Amanda as a neighbor was one of many heartbreaks of leaving Tucson, because her friendship really made it feel like home for me. While not tall in physical stature, her consistent, loving service to all within her influence makes her a spiritual giant in my book. I love Amanda! So, suffice it to say, having her and and her three sweet kidlets all to myself since Sunday evening was a fabulous treat!
During their visit, we went on a hike at Cherry Springs, had a hot dog roast with homemade smores, played board games, went antique/thrift store hunting, enjoyed a local playground, ate a whole lot of good food, and stayed up way too late after the kids went to bed each night and talked until our throats were sore and our eyeballs burned for want of sleep. A few more pics from our hike below:

It was so nice to catch up and for our kids to reunite in friendship as well.

Here is a throwback to our Tucson days - Lincoln and Jenna, holding hands at the Tucson zoo. Their high energy levels make them two peas in a pod. We have hope that someday that those two could marry, you know, to save our littles the trouble of having difficult in-laws to deal with . . .

L&J in Tucson. . .
L&J in Pocatello . . .

If they do marry someday (no pressure, kids!) we'll have these great pictures to display at the reception! ;)

Come again soon dear friends! We love you and miss you already!

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  1. I totally love you Jami. I miss you all the time. You are such an amazing friend. You would always be there for me when I needed help (with anything). Drive to the airport, stiching up pants, or even sending your husband over to watch my kids so I can go to the doctor. You would always drive such interesting (in a good way) conversations. You are never boring! I look forward to a lifetime friendship.



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