Friday, August 7, 2015

Our First Home

On June 4th, we bought a home - our very first home! Want to see a bit of it?
We took this picture back in early May the evening before we decided to make an offer on the house. So excited!
It is a split level entry, which took me a couple of weeks to adjust to, I'm sad to say. My buns and thighs, however, are going to thank me at some future date for this decision, I'm sure.

Here is our main living area. The color works pretty well with our chairs, but I'm wanting to paint it all a more neutral color, and rip out the carpet and install wood floors up here. Also, the paint on the ceiling is shiny, semi-gloss, to the point of being reflective where light hits it. I already have a 5-gallon bucket of flat paint in Behr's "Spun Cotton," and a pain in the neck just thinking about the job that awaits me in repainting every inch of our ceiling space. We want to add some sort of light to the center of the ceiling in this space, too. All the remodeling dreams aside, we love that it is both cozy and open. It is just right for us.

Come around the corner and see our dining area. See that little red table on the wall there? We will be building a desk and a cabinet there at some point, kind of as the home organizational center. For now, we have a basket that Jocelyn loves to pull mail out of and rip and eat. At least someone's being entertained!

Our kitchen space and the remains of breakfast (blueberry pancakes) on the counter there. I'm trying to keep those rose stems (from my mom's yard) alive so we can plant them in our yard. They are just starting to sprout some roots now. Wish me luck! We have a neutral hexagon tile flooring we've picked out to put down. Mr.Oak cabinet is proud of his true wood fashion, standing out from the crowd . . .  but he's gotta go, too, or at least be refaced to match the rest! Communist kitchen up in here. Gotta love the tetris cabinet next to the fabulously spacious fridge. I'm planning to paint all these cabinets a creamy light color, and re-do the counter tops with a more attractive and warm colored laminate.

Down the hall we find Lincoln's room:

And a bathroom:

And a master bedroom, with an alleged dead fish on the bed:

And the girls' room. Am I a mean mom or what? Not to worry, though. Despite the light and camera noises, no baby's nap times were harmed in the making of this blog post. . .

Let's go downstairs to the learning room! We found this antique oak kitchen cupboard from the early 1900's at a great little place in town - Farm House Furniture. It houses all our home school supplies. Seeing it brings me so much joy. We are going to start homeschooling on a regular schedule come September. Lincoln (and Atley) are pretty excited about it. I am, too. At some point, when we purchase a couch for the living space upstairs, we will move the futon downstairs, and move the camp chairs out. :)

We are also on the hunt for another book shelf, so we can unpack the rest of our books. You never can have too many books, right?! Or fabric . . .

The learning room is also my laundry-folding room. :)

And we have this bathroom downstairs:

Not pictured is my guest bedroom which is currently filled to the brim with boxes and stuff yet to be organized. The carpet in that room is a fabulous shade of 80's blue, and there's some lovely fake wood paneling on the wall. It needs a little love, like the rest of our house. And love it, we do!

Now to our backyard! We REALLY love it back here! We have a Russian Olive tree, a shed, a deck with a bench, a picnic table, a kids' play house, and plenty of room to roam. Enough room for chickens . . . :) AND GRASS!!!! Rolling grassy hills!!!

And a swing set! And a freshly planted Chinese (Mormon) apricot tree (A.K.A. "Christmas"), and a prehistoric-looking rhubarb plant that never stops giving. Not pictured is our newly planted Red Haven peach tree (A.K.A. "Coyote.")

We have yet to buy a lawn mower, hence the wavy sea of grassy meadow unruliness which I don't really mind too much but I'm thinking our neighbors probably do. We have flowers and herbs and lettuce planted in the planter that wraps around the cement pad in the center of the yard. A great space for hosting get-togethers.

And there you have it - our home! Thanks for taking a tour with me. Want to come visit us in Pokey? Please do! Then you can see it for yourself. I'll feed you, too! Deal? Deal. Ok. Happy Friday, my friends!

And just because, here is a bonus picture of the female moose my friend Katie, all our kids and I saw on our nature walk/hike up at Cherry Springs yesterday:


  1. I'm super excited to come and see you guys in October!

    1. We can't wait for you to come either! We are going to have so much fun! Love you, my friend!



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