Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pantry and Prophecy

Today, I have pictures of something totally mundane from my life to show you in order to illustrate a really important and time-sensitive message for us all.

Remember how I told you in my last post that we built a pantry? We did! It was quite a process. And it's still not quite 100% complete, but I'll show you where we are at. Who doesn't love to see the mess and organization of progress in a void space? :)

Let's come take a look at my kitchen. Here is a bare wall and tons of dead space, just calling for some development and purpose. Oh, and Atley enjoying a raspberry yogurt Popsicle (compliments to the chef, my mom, who was here during the building process.)

Goodbye dead space!
 Goodbye baseboard!
Hi dad! Hello frame! (Progress is loud.)
 More framing . . .
 The box is complete! Electrical is repositioned.
 And now, some drywall!
 Oh yeah, baby.
And some tape, and some mud, and a layer of nasty white dust settling all over every surface of the entire house . . .
 Texture and shelving. Whoah! A pantry shape!
In between the last picture and this one, imagine a really frazzled tired mom with a literal pain in the neck from priming every little shelf and crevice - for about a week. Trust me, you don't want a picture of that. Don't worry I didn't take one. Pretty nice work though, eh?!
And paint - just inside the pantry. A nice creamy white-ish color. (The color inside the pantry is "Spun Cotton" by Behr.) It will eventually  be the color of all my ceilings and trim and doors and insides of closets. The outside color is yet to be determined.
 And after a day and half of waiting time - a pantry - filled with food! And dishes that didn't fit anywhere else in my little kitchen! And a happy lady! (Me.) Because I can cook! And because . . .
  I don't have to look at this, or keep my kids from digging in it, or try to prepare meals from it.
 What a thrilling thing it is so see this pantry's progression!

If you'll notice, there are no hardware or doors on my pantry as of yet, but all the framework, electrical, drywall, tape, mud, priming, and about half of the painting have been done. But, now, finally, this pantry is being used as a pantry. The food is there! The fig leaves are commencing to show on the fig tree, um, in my pantry. . . **Are you ready for things to wax symbolic?**

We are at the doors. We are at the doors, my friends.  
In Sunday school this past week, we had a wonderful discussion on the signs of the Second Coming. I loved how the Sunday school teacher started the lesson.

He asked us how weather predictions might influence our choices. Say a blizzard or heavy rain was predicted for that evening?

"If we had a barbeque planned with friends, we'd make arrangement to cook inside instead."

"We'd make a change in our attire for the day."

"We might adjust travel plans if the storm is severe enough."

He then asked us this, "What is the difference between a prediction and a prophecy?"

I answered his question with my testimony, "Predictions are our best guesses on what and when we think things might happen. But prophecy WILL be fulfilled, exactly as it has been explained. There is no guessing. It WILL come to pass."

The teacher then spoke, "If it makes a lot of sense to us to make changes in our behavior and preparations for weather predictions, it should make even more sense to prepare for the prophecies which will be fulfilled."

We then spent the next half hour talking about the signs of the Savior's Second Coming as written in the scriptures.

I feel to testify to anyone and everyone who has ears to hear, that NOW is the time to prepare. Not tomorrow or the next day. What are you doing TODAY?

Just like my pantry that was only an idea before it was created, the Earth has undergone millennia of preparation and organization and restoration for this very moment. And now we are at the last phase - the doors. With some trim and paint, and sifting through more of the impure items inside the pantry in order to replace them with purer foods, or what I shall view symbolically as building Zion, all the work will be finished.

Are we prepared temporally? Are we prepared spiritually for what is surely to come?

Sometimes I'd love to itemize a list of all the things that are going on in the world currently that are pointing to this truth - that the tribulations prophesied to precede Christ's coming are at the doors! I'd love to delve into every detail about what is going on in the heavens and what is going on in the world, in our country and in our communities that testify that we indeed are at the doors! But, I don't feel that that is necessary and it could even be distracting or fear-inducing.

Those who have ears to hear and hearts to feel and eyes to see can already see what is going on, and they are being inspired and hopefully following those promptings to prepare every needful thing and to organize their homes as sacred worshipful places.

I urgently and lovingly ask you to consider the question of what you can do to get you and your family prepared for what has been prophesied to come, now. Remember, it is not a matter of if, only a matter of when. Let us prove our faith true by action. Let us prepare for Zion. Let us prepare to meet our God. He is coming. I know this to be true with all my heart.

Be a wise virgin, not a foolish one, please? We are at the doors. Oh, be wise. What can I say more? In this there is safety and peace.

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