Thursday, March 12, 2015

How I Do It All! ;)

After my last blog post on food, my long-time childhood friend, Courtney, commented on my facebook account with these kind words:

"I am amazed by you! Honestly how you find the time to make so many amazing recipes, sew, ect and be a mom and wife is beyond me! Kudos and so much respect to you!!! Teach me your ways haha!! How do you find the time or the patience for all life throws at you and extracurricular activities"

Thank you, Courtney. I can run on a good compliment for days and you've given me some much needed fuel after a really long week, and honestly, a pretty nerve-racking month. All of us mammas need that! I know I do. I love getting compliments that highlight the good things I AM accomplishing.

Because while I was accomplishing all my canning and cooking, and nursing and blogging, and herding cats children, fill in the blank with whatever it might seems I get done around here: _______________ . . .  I didn't get this done:
See that pressure canner? It has pinto bean juice filling the bottom of it. And that big old pot got some pinto beans burnt on the bottom. It's been soaking for two days now. See the stuff to be recycled? See the leftover sweet potatoes from lunch that I still haven't put away (even as I type this post?) I'm not proud of this by the way. It's just the truth of the matter. 

See my awesome couch, badly needing repair, and draped with a blanket to keep the fluff in? (It's not working by the way.) Atley had an accident on this chair in late December. (Does saying late December make it any better?) I took the covers off and washed them. I decided I was going to repair some wear and tear on the cushions. I didn't even see the hole in the side until it has quadrupled in size because well it's been almost a few months now, and you know - kids. Oops! 

Here is the laundry I have gotten behind on that I moved from my washer and dryer. At least it was washed! (See the napping baby? Notice how dark all these pictures are?! That's the only way this blog post is happening right now. It's Siesta time around here. I make that happen by blocking out as much light as possible each afternoon.) Naps/Quiet time are a necessity every day for my sanity and happiness. And sometimes my kids take them, too. ;)

When I moved my clothes pile from the laundry machines so I could actually fold them, I saw this inspiring picture hanging on my wall - perfectly, a little crooked. And it hit me. This is life as a woman - for you and for me. For all of us! 

We each have heavy loads to carry and striking that balance of maintaining a home, caring for children and a spouse, contributing to our communities, doing a paid job and incorporating "extracurricular" activities into our routines is quite shifty business! Sometimes we are on, and sometimes we are off. Some days are for creating and extending and some days are for preserving and maintaining. Some days are for giving and for growth, and some days are for receiving and for healing. Because we are each only one human being, we can only choose one thing to give our priority to in any given moment. If I seem extra productive, it's often because I'm sacrificing some home maintenance. If I'm seeming rather absent on my blog, it's probably because I'm more present somewhere else. Do I feel guilty about what I haven't accomplished yet today? Nope! Am I going to get up off my bum and clean up my messy house after I finish this post? You betcha! We're all just doing the best that we can and that is perfectly enough!

The most important thing you can do as a person, is to know the direction that you wish to move and just start moving. I promise you this my friend - if your desired direction (and pace) match up with God's desired path for your life, the ugliest beast in hell won't be able to stop you from moving forward until you've accomplished your life's work. You'll undoubtedly shed a flower petal or two, and brush up against a bush here and there, but that isn't as important as what you are accomplishing on the whole. Just keep your eyes on God's goals for you and for your family. You're sailing a whole lot more smoothly than you think.
"The Responsible Woman" By: James Christensen (Image Source.)


  1. Thank you for this... I love your posts, and sometimes I am boggled by how amazing you are, and my not so much by comparison (yeah, yeah, I know we shouldn't compare, but honestly, it's hard not to).

    I think it's all about making choices and creating priorities- everyone's aren't the same! I lack in cleaning what I rock in time with my kids. I rock in cooking what I lack in baking.

    Love this post!

    1. Blythe, you are truly too kind! Thank you for your kind words and for reading my blog! I'm in the trenches, right there with ya just trying to figure all this stuff out.

      I agree about it being about priorities. How empowering would it be if when we talked about any of our choices, we focused on how we rocked that choice?! (Instead of focusing on what we weren't able or chose not to do with our time.) Sounds like a great substitute to stave off mommy guilt.

      Like, "I rocked motherhood today by playing in the dirt with my kids all day. My floors are as dusty as my kids' hearts are full!"

      "I rocked the perfect balance of personal hygiene today by getting in a shower after three days of forgoing one for all the right reasons. All while my kids rocked the wonderful neighborhood of Mr.Rogers. Life is good!"

      "I rocked this meal tonight! Not only did we have food in the house to eat because I went grocery shopping (with a rambunctious toddler nonetheless), but I cooked if for my family, and they ate at least some of it!"

      "I rocked that nap today! Snuggling with babies and self care - for the win!"

      "I rocked" is a pretty spunky and energizing phrase to start any old sentence with. Could be used humorously, too. I like it. Thanks for your comment!



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