Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Golden Miracle in the Switchback Staircase

My heart is so full of joy and awe today. God is a God of miracles. He always has been and always will be. And He graciously enlists our help and the help of angels in His work. And let me just tell you - the wages of God do not disappoint! Today, our family was blessed to be witnesses to and participants in a small miracle.

It all started out, mundanely enough, picking out an outfit for Atley to wear to church. My good friend Amanda passed on a great dress to us that her daughter had worn and has now outgrown. It is fitted in the bodice and it has a full poofy skirt. It definitely fits the bill for a Christmas Sunday wardrobe choice. Well, Christmas is gone now, but I thought Atley would enjoy wearing it, so I pulled it out for her to wear last night in preparation for the Sabbath. I didn't realize that Squire had already picked out an outfit for Atley. I almost put the poofey dress back, but decided to keep it out as it didn't need to be ironed like the other outfit and it would save us time in our preparation for church. I chose Atley's silver sandals with silver flowers to go with the dress. After fixing Atley's hair and getting her dressed this morning, I had the thought that she should wear her pearl necklace with the golden bow. This necessitated a change to black shoes (to avoid the gold/silver clash), which I had to request Squire get down from a tote in the garage. This final point reveals my OCD with matching clothes and probably a little vanity. It is also a testament that Atley's choice of outfit was indeed guided by the spirit. The work that went into getting her dressed today - definitely an increase from the normal routine - was noticeable.

We got into the car to drive to church. It was foggy (weird for Tucson, right?) and pretty cold. I thought, "I should have put her in the outfit Squire chose! She'll be cold today in her short sleeves!" But a voice in my head said, "No. This was the right choice."

On the other side of Wilmot road, another family dressed their sweet little girl, Atley's age, in a ruffly neon pink dress. This little gal is in Atley's same nursery class. Today, her mom explained, that she insisted on wearing a gold flower in her hair. Though it didn't match, she indulged her daughter's request for the gold flower anyway. (This is the healthy way to feel about clothing, people!) ;)

Fast forward to the end of church. We were in our classroom with our little 3-4 year old students waiting for their parents to come pick them up. Squire said, "I'll go get Atley from nursey." "Sounds good." When he brought her back, I noticed that she had a new accessory in her hair - a golden poinsettiaish flower. It looked great with the gold bow on her pearl necklace and Christmas dress, but it wasn't ours. I informed Squire it wasn't, and he left Atley with me and ran back to the classroom in order to make sure the golden accessory got back to its rightful owner. 

On his way back up the stairs (our primary classes are upstairs), a gaggle of children made their way down the steps, delaying his ascent. "Good luck!" a friend said, noting the flow of little bodies making their way down the crowded staircase. Squire waited a few moments and made his way up the stairs. He was the only one going up. Just as he came around the corner to the middle landing, he saw a little girl falling face first down the steps (about 10 steps total). She plunged from the top step and was about to land face first three steps up from from the landing! And!!! . . . Squire caught her with one arm, and then supported her with the other. She was a bit shaken up, but otherwise unharmed.

I have one last detail to add - that for the last few weeks, Jocelyn has been nursing during both the first and third hour of church. Because I nurse her at the end, I have been the one to get Atley from nursery. This Sunday though, Jocelyn slept right on through that third hour. If I had been the one to get Atley from her class, I would have recognized the flower wasn't hers immediately and no second trip up the stairs would have been made.

I testify that this was a miracle. To think what would have happened to that little girls' face or head had I decided to put Atley in the other dress, which would have required a different necklace! With no gold to make her nursery leaders think that that fallen accessory was hers, and thereby cutting out Squire's second trip to the other side of the chapel and return up the stairs at no less and no more than the exactly perfect time and step to be able to catch her! I testify again that a miracle happened today!

Albeit . . . a small miracle. There are even greater miracles than this. So much greater!

Today in primary singing time, we learned a new song that filled my whole soul with the Spirit I feel when I know I am hearing truth undefiled. 

The message of the song is most poignant in its beautiful, swelling chorus:

"Jesus is a God of miracles. Nothing is at all impossible to Him. But I know this, of all His miracles, the most incredible must be, the miracle that rescues me."

I testify that Jesus is a God of miracles. I love my Savior for all that He has done for me, and for the life He lived. I love Him for the miracles that He performed in person for others during His life and ministry, and for the miracles I have seen Him direct in my life and lives of others. I love Him for letting me witness and participate in these things. And I testify that whosover will put their faith in and follow Him, will be rescued and be granted Eternal life - life with Him and with our Heavenly Father. It is troubling at times, how the world is darkening at an ever-increasing pace. I testify that the number of miracles we see will continue to grow and increase in greater measure than the darkness. There will be no limit to the miraculous happenings we will experience in coming years. And all of them, as incredible as they are and will be - even in all their breathtaking detail - will pale in comparison to the incredible miracle of the atonement that our Savior Jesus Christ offered in Gethsemane, on the cross and out of the tomb. As we dedicate ourselves to Him, we too will have eyes to see and ears to hear the miracles that are already happening all around us. These things I know are true. I share this in love and Gratitude for my Savior, Jesus Christ - who has miraculously rescued both you and me.

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