Friday, November 28, 2014

Quick Photo Dump and Update on Baby Jocelyn

I don't have much time to write, but I wanted to post these photos so we have them close to Jocelyn's birth story!

**WARNING: One photo of my placenta is in this post. If thinking about seeing that makes you squeamish, then don't read this!**

The day after Jocelyn was born, my friend Amanda texted me around 6:45am to let me know my kids were asking to come home - they wanted to see their new baby sibling! We were anxious for them to come home and meet her, too. Who wouldn't be excited to meet this sweet baby girl?! :)

Love her little face!

Sucking her thumb.
Squire ran over to pick up the kids and they met Jocelyn for the first time in our room. They were both so happy to see her - to find out that she was a girl - and to hold her. So far, there has been no animosity toward their new sibling at all, only tenderness and excitement. A true blessing.

The day they met Jocelyn was also exciting for Lincoln and Atley as they got to see mommy's placenta and have a little anatomy lesson with Misty. I love this picture for so many reasons - it's hilarious and awesome. It is also evidence of just how crunchy I have become. Though, let it be written - no placenta consumption happened in this house. More power to the mamas who make that happen, but that level of crunchy just isn't my cup of hot chocolate. If I end up getting post partum depression, the ladies who do eat their placentas have fully earned the right to scold me, albeit gently, please.

Learning about placentas.
It took us a three whole days after her birth, to pin down Jocelyn's name. We had another girl name picked out, but it didn't suit her, so we had to go back to the drawing board. After three days and much deliberation, we decided on "Jocelyn Lily Hepworth" and we were happy and relieved - as were my family members, who were getting quite impatient for baby girl to have a name! They wanted a name to which they could attach all their lovey feelings. Credit for Jocelyn's name goes to Aunt McKenzie. She shared one of her less favorite girl names with me, which turned out to be very favorite for me and for Squire, too. "Brooke" and "Amelia" were high in the running, but Jocelyn ultimately won out. We loved the sound of Jocelyn and that it is a diminutive form of "Joyce," my granny's name. Lily was my Granny Shank's mother's name.

I have to link to this in here - my brother made this cute little song and video once we named Jocelyn. :) 

In celebration of having given baby girl a name, we took a picture of our whole family together for the first time:
Our very first photo as a family of 5!

Love this little face!

Doesn't she have the most beautiful thick brown hair?
Awkward photo shoot with 3 day old Jocelyn.
A photo with Aunt McKenzie.
Sneaking in a little kiss. Love this sweet babe!
Lincoln's first picture with Jocelyn.
Aunt Riley with Jocelyn.
Sweet baby Jocelyn.
Baby girl seems gets very concerned looks on her face quite often. (I promise she hasn't been wearing the same dress for two weeks . . .):

Jocelyn, 2 weeks old
She weighed 8 lbs. 8 oz. at her two week appointment - nursing is going very well. So well in fact, that two days ago she decided it would make for an exciting day to nurse from 9am to 1am (No, that wasn't a typo.), with no breaks exceeding 30 minutes. Whew! That one was a doozey!

She is very alert when she is awake. Jocelyn, 2 weeks.
When Jocelyn was one week old, we did a family photo shoot with Picture People.With Squire being gone so much for interviews the next few months, we figured it was now or not until a lot much later than I wanted a nice family photo. I was very pleased with how they turned out:

I purchased the girls' dress pattern off of Etsy. Very simple and quick to make.

It was really great and all to get fancy and pretty for our photo shoot, but in all reality - THIS is a more honest depiction of how we are dressing and looking around here these days. Caring for three babies is pretty tiring. Stretchy yoga pants and "Crusty's Pest Control" T-Shirts are required for the job sometimes.

Girly goo is 3 weeks and 4 days old today. We love seeing her many faces and snuggling with her every day. She is a very cuddly little babe. She is a very easy-going baby to care for. She only really cries when she is hungry or needs a diaper change. Though she is quite an active baby, too. She loves to move her arms and legs. She lifts her head impressively well for a newborn and will even push up on her legs sometimes, too. We are loving getting to know this little one. We love the spirit she brings to our home. We are grateful for all the help we have received (from my family - and friends, too!) that has made this special time of getting to know her, so comfortable and enjoyable for us. 

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