Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Costumes 2014

Tonight, our ward had their annual "Trunk-or-Treat" around the basketball court of a local park.  Here are a few pictures to remember the evening and our Halloween costumes from this year!

Lincoln has been asking to be a snake for Halloween since the day after Halloween last year. We decided to make him a mouse being eaten by a snake, because I was drawing a blank on how to make a decent-looking snake costume without making him look like a lizard. Atley is a flower sprouting out of a Terra Cotta pot (credit for that idea goes to my mom - THANK YOU, MOM!!), and I am a gumball machine.

I love these sweet kiddos of mine.

Lincoln in his award-winning costume. He won the award for "Most Original" this year. (Last year he got the award for "Best Homemade" costume.) Here he is from the front:

And the back. That rattle on the snake actually makes a rattling sound, thanks to a small plastic spice jar half-filled with lentils. :)

And here is Atley - in all her sprouty terra cotta glory. I made the hat to be a thing to go around her face, but she refused to wear it that way. I think it still worked great horizontal on her head. I can't believe it has taken me almost two years, but I finally painted my little girls' toes last night. Bubble gum pink. I think doing that made her feel special. Gotta remember that.

I'm glad I got a photo of me in my costume before I gave birth. I'm 3 days shy of 39 weeks right now, and my belly made for a nice, round gumball machine. :) I actually wanted to be a gumball machine when I was pregnant with Atley, but I was too tired and pressed for time finishing Lincoln's Halloween costume that year that it didn't happen. Glad I got to put my red Savers sweat pants to good use!

Here is a picture that I never posted on the blog from that year I was pregnant with Atley that I'm going to slip in real quick because I love it. Lincoln was a cow, and Squire a cowboy. (Halloween 2012 - Lincoln was so little!!)


Back to the present! Squire wasn't able to make it to the trunk-or-treat tonight, but he has a costume and a nice little trick ready for the trick-or-treaters who come to our house on Halloween night. He is a hunchback:

 Here is his special trick. Some kids never grow up. ;)

Lincoln's costume was by far the most daunting for me to make. I have a whole new level of respect for people who design and/or make stuffed animals. That is a whole new dimension of sewing right there. I held off finishing the head and rattle on Lincoln's snake for a month because I was too intimidated to put it together. With some prayer, and procrastination to the day of the trunk-or-treat to push me on, I finally finished the job today. Lincoln loves his snake and named her "Mousel." I'm very pleased I was able to finish his costume before I had the baby, too. I really wanted to get this done for him in time.

A closer pic of Mousel's head.

I really thought I was having our baby last Tuesday. I did not - obviously. But baby really could come any day now. Squire and I did a deep-clean on our house, and I have gotten all the freezer meals I wanted to prepare done, so now I can rest easy. For the time-being, we are just enjoying the clean and each other until we get to welcome a new little one to our clan. Life is good. :)

Update 10/31/14 - Halloween!!

Me at 39 weeks and 1 day - Got a haircut, too! :)

With their spoils!

Happy Halloween 2014!

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