Saturday, September 6, 2014

Are You Prepared? Food Storage Calculator and Presentation Handout . . .

Hey bloggy friends! Tonight I gave a little presentation to a handful of people at church on food storage. I thought I'd share the handout from the evening here, as well as the food storage calculator that my husband made to assist those starting out their food storage journey. I hope you find it helpful!

You can find the handout to my presentation (Tucson specific), here.

You can find the handout to my presentation (Pocatello specific), here. 

You can find the handout to my presentation at the City of Pocatello Preparedness Fair, here.

 Here is the link to the food storage calculator.

This is written unabashedly to an LDS audience, though I think you'll find that there is a lot of helpful information for everyone interested in this topic regardless of faith, because - we all need to eat, right?! :)


  1. Food storage has been being taught since the early days of the church. Brigham Young asked the saints of his day to accumulate at least three years worth of food storage. So having a years supply goes way back in church history. One of his statements to this effect was:

    "Let it not be said that any portion of the people of this Territory have not wheat enough to last them until harvest. Let them be sure to do one thing, if God permit it—secure well the coming harvest, and be sure to lay up enough to last one, two, or three years. " (Brigham Young, Journal of Discourse, Temporal Salvation)

    While no one knows when the second coming is, I was recently reminded of this statement by Joseph Smith that helps put food storage into perspective and explain nicely why President Hinckley would compare it to boarding the ark in the days of Noah.

    "I have asked of the Lord concerning His coming; and while asking the Lord, He gave a sign and said, 'In the days of Noah I set a bow in the heavens as a sign and token that in any year that the bow should be seen the Lord would not come; but there should be seed time and harvest during that year: but whenever you see the bow withdrawn, it shall be a token that there shall be famine, pestilence, and great distress among the nations, and that the coming of the Messiah is not far distant.'" (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith page 340)

    So in any year in which anybody sees a rainbow in the sky, we know that the Lord will not return in that year. Given that a rainbow requires only two ingredients - sunlight and rain - the circumstances in which nobody on earth would see a rainbow for a year sound like circumstances in which having set up a legacy of food storage would serve ourselves or our descendants very well. Those definitely sounds like times when there will be famine, pestilence, and great distress, as the Lord stated to Joseph.

    1. Correction to my own comment: Sorry, I can't find the original Brigham Young statement I was referring to, and when I grabbed the above quote from Journal of Discourses I thought I was reading Brigham Young, but that one was apparently Heber C Kimball. It is from Journal of Discourses vol 8, Heber C Kimball, "Temporal Salvation" . My apologies for the error.

    2. John -

      I think this is the statement you are referring to from Brigham Young (?):

      "My faith does not lead me to think the Lord will provide us with roast pigs, bread already buttered, etc.; he will give us the ability to raise the grain, to obtain the fruits of the earth, to make habitations, to procure a few boards to make a box, and when harvest comes, giving us the grain, it is for us to preserve it—to save the wheat until we have one, two, five, or seven years’ provisions on hand, until there is enough of the staff of life saved by the people to [provide] bread [for] themselves and those who will come here seeking for safety (DBY, 291–92)." (

      He was actually advocating for the Saints to store up to seven years if they could! There is a whole lot of pretty amazing destruction that we will have to pass through before Christ comes again. I'm not sure we can store too much food. IMO, a bare bones year supply of food may keep us alive, but we will be very hungry on it.

      I personally feel that the signs are such that the Savior's coming will happen in our lifetime. But, even if not - I know my example of obedience to the commandment to store food and live providently will set an example for my children and future posterity that could prepare them for what is to come if it doesn't happen sooner. In any case - the time to prepare is now!!

      President Monson's recent words in the September Ensign article ( seemed to indicate to me that the time is very short. I'm very excited for General Conference in a few more weeks. :) It's a very dynamic time in which we live. So glad we are guided by a prophet today. So reassuring. Thanks for your comment(s)! :)

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