Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Hepworth Family Preparedness Cookbook: Recipes, Tutorials and Other Helpful Hints

Guys, I'm totally nesting in combination with prepping if you couldn't tell by my last couple of posts. An exhausting (and expensive), but mostly just exhausing endeavor! But, I just finished something pretty awesome I want to share with all of you . . .  

What the heck is that, you might ask? I'll let the "Editor's Note" inside my cookbook answer that question for you.

"Editor's Note:

Whether it be a bad internet connection at meal time . . . OR a solar flare/terrorist-type activity that cause the entire destruction of the grid. . . I know I want ALL of these recipes and tips available to me and my family in print! Hence, the existence of this document! I have personally tried almost all of these recipes, and life around our house just wouldn't be as tasty without them. There are a few tutorials and a couple of recipes I have not yet done, but in the interest of time, I included them untested anyway. I trust the sources where I got these recipes and articles. I tried to include mostly just recipes that I felt generally worked well with basic food storage ingredients, and other ingredients we have in our home storage.

Thanks to all who contributed (even unknowingly) to this cookbook. I've done my best to give credit where credit is due. To my mom who introduced me to many of the recipes in this cookbook, and who taught me the skills to cook/bake them, Thank You! I love you - and your fantastic cooking!

I highly recommend following these sites {while you still can . . . ;)} if you aren't aware of each of them, already. They are all fantastic resources. Special thanks to each of them for supplying most of my chosen recipes:





Additionally, I recommend these books for a sound, preparedness, cookbook library:

Published By: Cedar Fort, Inc. (Purchased from

An essential resource for cooking with food storage. So many ways to use your food storage basics, with too many substitution ideas to count. A real gem.

By: Caleb Warnock and Melissa Richardson

A more sustainable and healthier way of cooking bread items, by using a live yeast starter. A fantastic resource for the newbie or veteran.

By: Liana Krissoff

I've got basic, traditional canning books in my library, too, but I love that this one has so many recipes that are lower in sugar, and use the natural pectin of the fruit instead of store-bought. Excellent, interesting recipes.

I hope you find that this little cookbook suits your home store and taste buds as well it does ours!



I'm headed to Alphagraphics to get my cookbook printed now. And now that it is here - you can, too. :) 

Tell me, if you didn't have internet access ever again - which recipes/articles/tutorials would you lament not having in print? 

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