Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kidlet Update and The Penguin Backpack Miracle

Lincoln had his very first day of pre-school today! I'm working with 5 other ladies in my ward in a co-op; we each take turns teaching the kids about a different topic. It's two times a week. I thought Lincoln would like doing something on his own and with other kids his own age, and that Atley would like some alone time with mommy. That is very precious and limited time I might add, as this baby is a-comin' fast. I'm 27 weeks today! I wish time would slow down just a bit - I hope I can get everything sufficiently prepared in time!

Anywho, I thought I'd jump on the first-day-of-school-photo bandwagon - such a great idea for family history preservation. Although, I have to say, you have no idea how difficult it is to get a photo of a 3 1/2 year old to hold a sign - not in front of his face, or upside down or backwards - while smiling for the photo!
We managed sufficiently, I suppose. :)
 I love this sweet little boy. He dressed himself today. It is like a 100*F everyday, but he insists on wearing long pants. And he loves wearing this button-up shirt. He calls it his "handsome shirt." He refuses to let me rolls his sleeves up for him. Silly boy. He wanted to look great for his first day. And he did.
 A couple of weeks ago I decided that I should make Lincoln a backpack. He wanted it to look like a penguin. So, I found this picture on Pinterest and used it as inspiration. I didn't pay for the pattern - I'm too cheap to spend as much on a pattern as I would for all the supplies for the entire finished product!


 And now, to Atley, in all her disposable diaper glory. With all the difficulty with Lincoln's poop training over the last 7 months, and being pregnant and all, I opted to make life easier for myself in the diaper arena. I figured I was spraying poop off Lincoln's undies at least as often as I'd be spraying a cloth diaper and quite frankly I was just sick of the poop! Atley's pretty close to being ready for potty training anyways. She recognizes when she needs a diaper change and is interested in the undies I purchased for her. I'm thinking we'll go full force in another month or two, hopefully before the baby comes. We'll resume cloth diapering for the new baby - a much easier feat than cloth diapering a toddler, or potty training a wild little boy!
Being a silly goon. Little miss is no longer a baby. She is a little girl - who has so many words in her vocabulary I couldn't even dream of counting them. She's happy and sweet, and adventurous. She's slimmed down considerably with all her climbing and exploring, but there is still a faint remnant of baby chunk on her legs and bummy. I love this happy strawberry-blonde of mine.
 Below is the most decent picture I could get of them together on the rocking chair. These kids do love playing together. I love to sneakily watch them play so they don't know I'm watching. Like yesterday evening, when I spied them sitting next to each other on the porch, digging a mud pit as the sun set. 

**Cute story alert: The other day, we were driving home from running errands and Lincoln told us, "I want to be a daddy someday." I responded, "You will be such a good daddy, Lincoln! When you are married someday and have a wife, then you can have a baby." Squire chimed in a little more bluntly, "Lincoln, you need to get a woman!" Lincoln said, "Atley is my woman! I'm going to marry Atley someday!" We laughed at his endearing comment and talked a bit about how we don't marry our siblings. But his expression was one of love and it was heart-warming to us both to hear him say it.**
 Atley loves doing her puzzle. Sometimes I hear her doing it in her room and and cheering for herself, "Did it!" after each piece she gets in the correct spot, all while clapping her hands above her head. I was able to film one episode of the cuteness today. It was difficult to keep Lincoln from running to correct the direction of all the puzzle pieces. Big brother likes to instruct little sister (and everyone else) how to do things, the "right" way. ;)

And now: The Penguin Backpack Miracle. I do not exaggerate when I call this backpack a miracle! I have been so busy nesting and getting other projects done around the house that things slipped away from me and I found myself purchasing the fabric for this backpack - that I decided I wanted to make 2 weeks ago - yesterday afternoon. After getting the kids to bed. I thought I might pull an all-nighter to get it done, but I fell asleep at 10pm as I was too exhausted from being up late the previous two nights. I woke up at 5am when Squire was about ready to leave for work and I determined that I would try to get it done before the kids woke up.
I prayed over the pile of supplies for the backpack this morning. I knew that in the grand scheme of things, it was a very small thing for my boy to have a backpack for his first day of preschool, and a penguin backpack at that. I also knew that it still meant a lot to Lincoln and having it would make him feel loved. As his mom I wanted to share my love with him by fulfilling that wish, and in time for him to take it to school at 9:30am. The thought came to me that, Heavenly Father loved Lincoln, and He loved me, and that He would show His love for us both by helping me accomplish the task.  Though I had briefly looked over a tutorial on making backpacks a week earlier or so, I was instructed not to look at it again, but just to listen. And so I didn't look. I just listened.
A shot of the zipper, piping, polka-dot lined wing, snap on eyes, and pocket on the front.
I was a little concerned about doing this project as it included piping, a zipper and a lot of little details that needed to be done in just the right order. I have trouble getting things right without a pattern. Though I sew without patterns quite often, there is usually a lot of seam-ripping and wasted time and fabric spent correcting things I didn't consider well-enough before I started to sew.  I was very nervous about being able to get this done in time. A task I'm sure was well out of range of my abilities within the time-frame I had to get it done this morning.

But, in a beautiful answer to my prayer, a flow of which things to do in what order, as well as how big to cut each piece of fabric came to my mind as I worked. It was nothing short of miraculous how quickly and nicely it came together. I felt God's love and guidance the whole time. Funny how such little things, can give such big messages. We left our house about 5 minutes late for school, but we made it, and Lincoln had his penguin backpack. He loves it by the way. This wonderful day, is now officially in the books.

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