Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pregnant Occasions: 15 Weeks with Jumping Bean

I thought I'd take a moment to share a pregnancy update! I am now 15 weeks along with our latest addition.

Sibling Interest: 

I told Lincoln and Atley from the very beginning of this pregnancy that "a baby is growing Mommy's uterus!" I have been showing Lincoln and Atley the emails from Baby Center of the baby's development week-by-week, as well as the little videos on the site that show baby's development several weeks at a time. They both talk to my tummy regularly and say things like, "Hi, baby! Excited to meet you!" and "Baby! Baby!" I'm looking forward to seeing the dynamics of our family once baby makes an appearance.

Gender Speculation: 
I keep asking Lincoln if he thinks this baby will be a baby boy or a girl. He has consistently thought that this baby would be a girl, and talks about the baby as a "she" or "her," but after our recent trip to see my family in Reno I suspect that may not be as big a hint for this baby's gender as I originally had anticipated. Lincoln's new cousin, Kimber, a boy - was consistently called a "her" and "baby girl." I'm pretty sure this kid of mine thinks ALL babies are girls. Oh well, so much for clues! My hunch is that this baby is going to be a boy, and Squire slightly leans more toward baby being a boy, but the rest of my family is guessing that baby will be a girl (to tease them, I should mention that they have guessed all my babies would be girls. ;)). But, we won't be finding out the gender this time around, so all guesses will just be unsubstantiated guesses, until I push that baby out into my arms! I'm really looking forward to the energy and excitement when I give birth to this baby, not knowing the gender. 

Baby Names (from Lincoln): 
We asked Lincoln what we should name the baby. Here are the four names he submitted for our consideration: 
Passener - his favorite
They are all quite . . . unique, and possibly common names in other foreign countries. Haha! My kid cracks me up. We don't know what we will name the baby yet. We have a lot more discussion that needs to happen before we get any real ideas, but since we won't know the gender, we'll have to come up with a couple of names for each gender.  

Baby's Temperament: 
Lincoln has from the very beginning, told me that, "The baby is laughing!" and "This is a happy baby!" I found this very interesting because usually when Lincoln talks about babies or his own stuffed animals, he talks about how they are crying, and needing a boobie or something or other. Squire gave me a blessing that mentioned that this would be a happy, healthy, vivacious, and lively newborn baby. Seeing this baby move on the ultrasound and the fact I've already been feeling the baby move for over a month? Yep. This is one happy little jumping bean! At least in this case, I feel confident that Lincoln's spiritual intuitions about this baby are spot on. 

Nausea, Exercise, Food Cravings, Selfies: 
The first few months were a bit nauseating and just generally "blah" feeling, though manageable with only the occasional day spent in bed. After my miscarriage, (and not feeling sick at all!), I really don't mind feeling yucky when I'm pregnant. It is a comforting reminder that my baby is getting enough hormones to grow properly. In any case, the first trimester nausea has passed and my energy has fully returned. At 15 weeks today, I am feeling awesome. I really worked on establishing good exercise habits before I was pregnant and have a goal to keep that up and get in at least four workouts a week. What a difference working up a little sweat each day can make! I'm using my Sara Haley workout DVD's, and dancing Zumba for cardio sometimes, too. Good times.
My main cravings this pregnancy so far? Eggs. Meat. Milk. Thai food.

Here is how baby and I are growing:
Pregnant Selfies for the record.
Baby Belly: 15 Weeks - definitely showing!
Our birth plan this time around: 
Because I had such a wonderful experience at the birth center with Atley's birth, when I found out I was expecting, I went ahead and scheduled an appointment with the midwives there. But, while I was teaching my last Hypnobabies class series, the couple I was teaching brought their midwife to their last class so she could watch the birth rehearsal and see the techniques they had learned in action. When I met her, I could see she was filled with light, that she was a very good person. She put off such a calming and loving energy. After she left, I couldn't stop thinking about her for several days. God let me know He had put her in my path for a purpose. So, I prayed about whether doing a Home Birth with her help was that reason, and Squire did, too. We got the green light - and we contacted her. "I had a feeling we were going to meet again!" was her response to my inquiring if she would attend our birth. We are so excited to be having Misty assist us for our birth! (Fun little side note: Did you know that Squire was born at home? He was!) While, I don't think home birth is for everyone or every birth situation (neither are hospitals ;)), I feel very confident that we have been guided to do this for this birth and that it is perfect for us at this time - especially for us to be working with the midwife we have chosen. So far, the few appointments we have had with Misty have been fabulous. She comes to my house for my appointments, guys! No babysitting necessary! No wrangling my kids and trying to keep them from getting into bio-hazardous waste bins or knocking over expensive equipment! And what is even more amazing, is that Misty knows that I have an interest in potentially becoming a midwife someday - and she has goals to teach midwives - so she has offered to teach me a bit extra at each prenatal. Win-win for us both. I am so excited! Could it be any more perfect? I submit that it could not. With Misty's support, my Hypnobabies techniques, and in the comfort of our own space, I look forward to this being our best birth experience yet.

I am already feeling so much love for this little babe - our 4 inch long babe, who has just begun to make my womb feel contentedly heavy. Can't wait to meet this happy little jumping bean.

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  1. Congratulations, you're now 15 weeks pregnant. You're getting closer to being halfway through your pregnancy. So, let's take a look at what is happening with you and your baby, and what you can expect in the future.



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