Monday, April 7, 2014

Poopy Times Call for Poopy Measures . . .

 Things have been busy and messy around here. Partially because about a month ago we entered into the magical world of potty training. I paid a chunk of cash to read and do the intensive three day potty training program, which was helpful . . . Though it left me pretty exhausted after having spent every single waking moment by my son's side, and a few nights sleeping on his rug all night so that I could remind him to go to the bathroom every single time he stirred. I think I waited too long to get him going (he was 3 years and a week old when we started), and that has made things take longer and be more of a struggle. After about 5 days of doing the hardcore potty training program, Lincoln was pretty well pee trained.

But, the pooping . . . well that has been quite another story!

I got so sick of spraying off poopy undies three times a day. Why couldn't my kid figure out the poop?!?! He'd even tell me he had to go poop. I'd try to get him on the toilet. He'd wait until I was changing Atley's diaper or going to the bathroom myself and he'd run to his closet or some other secret place and poop his undies. Seriously frustrating. I know this kid was capable. Why wasn't it working?

So I prayed about it. After some serious heartfelt pleading, this was the solution that came to my mind . . .

For reals. It's kind of hilariously crass. Seems a funny way for a prayer to be answered, but what kind of praying (desperate) mom turns down such a whimsical answer? Not me! 

I got Lincoln involved. I told him we were going to make him a special chart to help him with his poopies. I searched on google for an image of a toilet seat. I let him pick out the color of "Lincoln's Poopy Chart!" Lincoln picked out the gray scrapbook paper for the background and we laminated it.

The best part of all, was searching for clip art images of poops. Lincoln wanted poops with bugs, happy poops, rude poops, loud poops, and silly poops. He got them all. As you can see, one of those was compliments of Shutterstock. ;) We laminated those little guys, too. 
The poops have sticky tac on the back so that they stick to the laminated toilet chart.
Then, we printed a few images of "prizes" to work toward. (Not all of those are pictured, because I can't find them. I think Lincoln hid them somewhere, but there is at least one!) Some of the prizes were his comfort things I took away as part of the process - like his star blanket and his bunny rabbit. Each prize had a number at the top to signify how many poops had to go into the toilet to earn them back. We went to visit Squire's dad a couple of weeks ago, and a ride on Grandpa's tractor and horse - Pokey were both poop prizes as well. My mom offered to send a special surprise toy in the mail when Lincoln was poop-trained. 

As soon as Lincoln and I finished the chart, he promptly ran to the toilet. Pooped once, joyfully moved a poop into the toilet on his chart, and earned his bunny back. Then ran to the toilet again and pooped a second time to get his star blanket back. AMAZING! Those were his first poops on the toilet, EVER! 

From those first two poops to now, there have been (and are still) lots of accidents, but they have gone down dramatically. Lincoln even got 10 poops in a row without a single accident. Party worthy? I think so. While this thing isn't producing 100% perfect results for us yet, it got us going on a good path. A path that includes me cleaning fewer poopy messes, and changing only one childs' diapers. I can't complain!

What things helped your kids get poop trained?


  1. I don't know what's more impressive-- your son's progress with the potty training or the record number of times the word "poop" was used in this blog post. =)

    I'm glad your fecal frenzy is coming to a head. Hahaha. Gotta get all my poop jokes out while I can! =)

    1. Hahahahahahahaha! Katie - I always get excited when I get an email that you have commented on my blog. This comment of yours did not disappoint!



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