Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Memorable Moments with Little Man

How hilarious and awesome it is that my 2 1/2 year old son knows the terms 'Uterus' and 'Placenta' and uses them correctly? Seriously, he does. I have a little childbirth model baby for teaching my Hypnobabies classes. Lincoln got it down from the dresser about a month ago and was carrying the baby around the house all tied up in its "Uterus and amniotic sac" bags. "What's dis, Mommy?" So, I told him. And he learned. He snuggled a little closer when I told him that when he was a little baby, he grew inside mommy's uterus and his belly button shows him that I am his mommy. Here is a little video I was able to catch of him a while back - for your enjoyment:

Lincoln always comes in to snuggle with me for a bit before we get going and eating breakfast each morning. He demands, "Mommy, tickle MY back!" And when I do, he always gives an equally hearty, "Tank you, Mommy."

I shouldn't think this is so cute, but when he goes to time out for doing something naughty, he now says, "Mama, be kind to me!" with the most adorable angry little pouty lips and a wrinkled brow. Presumably, he learned the "Be kind!" phrase from me - as I remind him of this family rule with regards to his little sister quite often.

Mischievous corny smile - he knows he's crawling where he shouldn't be, but is glad to be getting away with it for a picture.
A few weeks ago, Lincoln said a prayer on his own for the first time. It was a very tender moment for me as his mom. I wanted to record that here. He said:

"Dear Heavly Fader (Heavenly Father). Jesus come again. Eat some food. Stay in corner time out. Be kind to baby. Father . . . In name of Jesus Christ. Amen."

"Need a hug! Hold you! Hold me! Hold you!" This is his most common declaration as he tugs at my legs while I cook dinner each evening. Often, too often, I wish for some space - especially during that last half hour before dinner is cooked and I'm struggling to keep my pants pulled up with a kiddo pulling at each leg. But at night when I sing to my little boy, and he tells me "Love you, Mommy." my heart breaks a little when I contemplate his, "Hold me!" requests disappearing over the course of the next couple of years.

About a month ago, Lincoln grabbed Squire's old lunch pail and a book out of the bookshelf and started walking around saying, "Going to school. Like Daddy!" No, no little bud! Not yet!

I love this boy.

Time is flying by so fast. I'm glad he doesn't get to go to school like Daddy just yet. For now, he's still my little boy. Though, I wish I could bottle up the sweet moments we get to share together just a little longer. Anyone figured out how to do to that? I'd appreciate the tips.

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  1. No tips, but I do have to thank you for posting this. We had a rough day of teething at my house yesterday and this post kinda made all that stress evaporate. Can't wait 'till this teething business is over so we can get to more of the fun. =)



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