Friday, November 1, 2013

Award-Winning: Halloween 2013

This year, I debated whether or not I would make our Halloween costumes, or if I would purchase/borrow them. I let things go until the Monday afternoon before Halloween, before I committed to make them - at least for Atley and myself. Squire had already been working on Lincoln's costume for a few weeks - he was decidedly going to be a robot, per his request a couple months earlier.

I thought of how much I loved my homemade Halloween costumes as a kid, and how much Lincoln loved his cow costume from last year, and the fact that he was for sure getting a custom Halloween costume this year . . . and because I'm a psychotic glutton-for-punishment, I decided to let my twinge of guilt grow into a force that sent me speeding over SAS fabric on Tuesday morning, where I purchased fabric and supplies for both Atley's costume and my own. My friend Cia went to SAS fabric with me, and after the kids were down for their afternoon nap, came over to help me with the costumes.

What a fabulous way to sew! Cia has a lot of experience with sewing costumes and is very skilled at putting outfits together without a pattern. She had so many invaluable tips for the construction of the outfit. Cia perfers the figuring out of the details and pinning and such, and I prefer the actual sewing. Together, each doing our preferred jobs, we worked together to get the feet, and body of Atley's costume done together - in probably a 1/3 of the time it might normally take. We are planning to work together again to get a dress done for her niece in the near future. I really think everyone should get a sewing buddy. Best way to sew EVER! :)

Wednesday, I sewed up my costume (incorporating Cia's tips!) and trick-or-treat/Church "scripture"/everything monogrammed bags for the kidlets. I worked right up until we left for the ward trunk or treat, and we were only 10 minutes late.

At the ward Trunk or Treat -

My peacock costume won "Most Creative/Original"

Lincoln's robot costume won "Best Homemade Costume"

and Atley's chickadee costume recieved honorable mention.

At the 2013 Ward Trunk-or-Treat
 Not too shabby if I do say so myself! :) Here are lots of pictures of the costumes for anyone who likes to see that sort of thing for making their own Halloween costumes.

Shoulder feather thing and feathery headband. Yay for craft wire and hot glue. :)
My tail feathers - just wore them with jeans, tied in through the loops in the front. There is craft wire along the bottom to help it keep a more fanned open shape.
Hot-glued jewels to hide the line where I sewed in the "feathers."
Mama and Baby Birds.
Being silly, trying to show off my tail.
That's a little better. Sorry for the fuzzy pics. But this is all I've got.
Squire built the structure out of cardboard boxes, foam cups, an old sour cream lid and duct tape (which he spray painted silver) and some dryer duct tubing for the arms . . .
I added the stuff on the front.
Lincoln had an absolute BLAST wearing his costume around town on Halloween. He got stopped multiple times for pictures. Probably the best thing about this costume, is that it is so stiff, it actually made Lincoln walk like a robot. Hilarious and awesome! Squire taught Lincoln to say, "Need oil!"

Here is Atley's costume.
Inside out so you can see the gathering at the yoke and the polka dots.

Back button closure.
Mustard yellow chick feet.
Close-up on Atley's headband.

Sleepy baby bird after a long morning and afternoon running errands - Halloween day 2013. Is she not absolutely gorgeous?
Atley's bag.
Lincoln's bag.
On Halloween night, our friends the Copeland's and Smith's came over for a little Halloween party which included playing with Gooleg (cornstarch watery goop stuff), dipping apple slices in carmel and other goodies, and forming homemade pretzels. The husbands got home from work just in time to take all the kids out to trick or treat. Amanda, Allison and I took a quiet break and finished baking the pretzels. *Not pictured below is Squire - who wore his Superman shirt underneath his work clothes. Perfect and easy!*

Trick-or-treaters, ready to take on the neighborhood!
After the kidlets came back from a fun night, we inspected their haul and put in Monsters Inc. and they snacked on their hard-earned treats. We may or may not have tried a piece or two. ;)

Back from trick-or-treating.
Hunter and Lincoln watching Monters Inc. together

Atley munching on a homemade pretzel.
Our pumpkin.
It has been an extremely exhausting and fun-filled week!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2013!! Now on to Thanksgiving! :)  

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