Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm Depressed. (A.K.A. My family came to visit for a week and now I'm super sad because they are gone. Here are some pictures.)

So, I'm kinda depressed these days. I looked forward to my family's visit for a couple of months, and like a shooting star, they have come and gone, and now all I have left are these pictures. I suppose it's a good thing I at least have those, right? Gotta look on the bright side here. With Squire being in his 3rd year of medical school - the busiest so far - I have been finding myself pretty homesick. My mom, granny and sisters visiting just reminded me of all the reasons I crave living close to family again (I've lived away from my family for about 8 years now.) It's wonderful to be with people who love my children as much as I love them. And their visit to Tucson, was just plain fun! Here are photos of their wonderful stay. I'll fill in commentary as necessary.
Taking a group picture after church. A big thank you to our neighbor across the street! :)
Linc and Riley - not so amused about taking pictures, but still managing to have fun with his Aunt.
Squire snapped this one of Atley. Her cheeks always get pink when she is sleepy. Love that it is also a candid 3 generation photo, too.
Our best attempt at a four generation photo with wind and a sleepy baby.
Atley is a cruiser now. She even stands on her own for a couple seconds at a time. It won't be long before she is a-walkin'.

On Monday, we were very fortunate to be able to make a visit to the Sonora Desert Museum together - even Squire. (Apparently it was Columbus Day, and he had it off.)
Granny and my little sister McKenzie - waiting to go in to the Sonora Desert Museum.
We started out by going to watch a presentation on Gila Monsters and Rattle snakes. It was very interesting. I got a kick out of hearing some of the audience members asking the Gila Monster handler - who I'm sure has to have an abiding respect and love for this creature she presents on every week - what the best way to kill a Gila Monster would be. "Well, um, that's a great way to get sent to prison. So, I don't recommend you do that!"

My granny has a deep fear of all snakes - especially poisonous ones. So, she stayed comfortably at the back of the auditorium for the duration of the presentation.
Leaving the auditorium.
After the presentation, it was lunch time. We ate - and took a few pictures as well.
Atley with her Aunties, and her Lovie Lamb.
My beautiful Granny Shanks with her Great-grandkids who were more interested in eating and finding other knees to scrape than in taking a photo.
Me and Squire.
Where Granny has fear, Lincoln takes interest - looking at a (Diamondback?) rattlesnake!
Reading a sign and admiring the beauty of the Tucson desert foliage.
Cacti at the Sonora Desert Museum.
Lincoln loves his Mimi.
Preparing to enter the underground cave.
We all made lovely bats . . .

Wouldn't you agree? Except for Linc - he was too afraid, and Atley was snoozing in the stroller.
But Lincoln did like being an archeologist with dad while we took a little rest.
An Ocelot - a gorgeous, endangered wild cat.
This sweety pie gray fox liked my mom. He even jumped on the glass when she reached out her hand and said, "Hi, puppy!" This is what she calls all wild animals she comes in contact with - bears, moose, horses, you name it. This curious little guy was no exception.
We finished our time at the museum with a couple of ice cream cones and some prickly pear punch.
Granny was very sad that Atley wasn't allowed to have ice cream. So, I gave her a boob instead. (Not photographed. ;) )
My awesome little sistas, Riley and McKenzie.
The next day we did some shopping. This is the only pic I have from that day. Gran stayed home to relax, and we went out, but we snapped this pic before we made our way out the door. Don't know what was up with Atley's bow, but it's pretty amazing she wore it long enough for us to see it at all, so I'll take it.
Granny and Atley.
Wednesday was my sister McKenzie's 22nd birthday. So, we made it extra special! My mom started out the day great by treating us to breakfast at Millie's Pancake Haus.
Lincoln really likes wearing his hood on his shirt. Silly boy. Cracks me up!
Granny took some picture while we waited for our breakfast to arrive.
After breakfast, we made our way over to the Reid Park Zoo. It just so happened that Riley and Atley were twins that day. Kind of adorable. I kind of can't get over how much I love these pictures. What beautiful girls!!
Atley (10.5 months) and Riley - excited to go to the zoo.
We took pictures inside the South American Aviary. Lincoln with his Aunts.
Granny and Riley hatching out their egg to say hello!
And, one of the Jaguar was being hilarious and napping with completely stiff legs on the tree in her exhibit.
Curious giraffe
Lincoln is such a climber these days. He loved watching the monkeys climb and play - That must be where he is getting all his ideas!
 Linc loved hiding in the log, too. This little skeleton of mine never stops moving.
 Most everyone took turns posing in the tortoise shell for a picture . . .
 But, my 82 year old Granny's picture takes the cake! What a sport - and seriously, what a sport - my Gran is in rockin' shape being the Octogenarian that she is. Tears return to my eyes just looking at this picture. We laughed so hard we cried about this moment.
 We took a few nice pictures as we walked through the zoo.
Atley and Me.
Atley with me and Aunt Kenz.
Lincoln got a little water on his shirt and decided he didn't want to wear it any more.
The Aldabra tortoises. See any similarities with the pics above?! ;)
After some more shopping (at Anthropologie) for McKenzie's special day, we managed to get in a quick dinner and to drop the kids off at my wonderful friend, Jenny's house for the evening. We headed over to The Gaslight Theatre to see their show The Buccaneers of the Caribbean. Going to the Gaslight is one of my most favorite things to do in Tucson. It is such a blast. My family loved it, too. There was a very interesting audience member - a woman in her 70's or so - who was dressed up in full sexy pirate garb. She was seated right in front of us. She wore her huge billowy pirate hat during the breaks, and a flowery red headband during the show. We thought she was part of the cast before the show started, but quickly realized she wasn't. She was just jazzed to be there. How cute and hilarious is that?! 
Sheriff Kenz and Saloon Gal Riley.
Kenz and I stayed up after the show and made her birthday cake, together. We used the Javalina cookie cutter she purchased for the Desert Museum to make little Javalina cakes - the perfect end to a Tucson birthday visit!
Javalina cakes - for a Tucson birthday visit. :)
We snuggled with Atley before putting her down.
There were lots of baby snuggles.
And Mimi got one more in before she left the next day, too.
My mom and Atley.
Linc was too busy to stop for another picture that morning, but he got hugs, too.

What a wonderful visit. Here's to hoping that we can get together again soon, and that Squire gets in to Reno for residency. Come again soon, family! Please. Come visit us again soon.

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  1. How wonderful to have your family come for a visit. I loved seeing all the pictures! Miss you guys!



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