Sunday, September 22, 2013

From Conception to Reality: One Little Hand-crafted Desk's Journey to Fruition

So, we moved into this little house in Tucson over 2 years ago. Pretty much right away I had created in my mind (and on paper!) an elaborate honey-do for Squire: a computer desk/hutch that could fit on our awkward skinny wall in our living room space. 

(I originally thought I might develop some wood-carving skills to do some awesome hutch doors, but realized that that was way over my head - and I don't have the time, tools, or desire to do that now.) 

I really didn't like blogging from our desktop on the fish tank table, or having to barricade it from Lincoln to keep it from being destroyed (which didn't last long anyways) so, this desk was top priority!

While I was waiting oh-so-patiently for two years for my desk to be built, Squire never heard the end of my questioning, "So, when are you going to get that desk done?!" While I waited for my computer desk drawing to become a reality, Squire built a few other wood-working projects along the way:

A divider for our silverware drawer.

A cute wooden truck for Lincoln. 
This little truck is still a hit with Lincoln - and Atley's been enjoying it lately, too!

A window valence (which I covered.)

Somewhere about a year in to the waiting process, Squire and I talked about my original drawing. He confessed that he didn't know how to build what I had drawn, (though he had started to build some parts of it) and that he was worried about how this furniture piece - which would be displayed in a very prominent place in our home - would turn out! How to actually capture that hutch with the desk so that it wouldn't look awkward with our printer and computer tower stored up inside the cabinet - it was lost on us both. 

The whole homemade desk idea almost got scrapped completely when we found a great computer cabinet on craigslist. We purchased it, and brought it home. That cabinet looked super bulky on our skinny wall. So, we moved it to the office/craft room for the time being and decided to take a different approach to our computer desk. Squire found this photo of a corner desk on and it become his inspiration. I agreed that it would be perfect. Morale was up - we had a solid plan and never turned back!
Desk inspiration and photo came from
Squire got to work making plans for the desk once we decided to switch gears - a little more precise than my original approach. ;)

Here are the photos of the desk's progress over time

Lincoln loved being a helper to his Daddy throughout the process.  

Finally - construction was done!! Our beautiful naked desk!

After stain and lacquer were applied, and some hardware was installed - the long-awaited computer desk was finally complete!

Wood-burned on the underbelly of the desk, is this message: 

For Jami, my wife, 
who patiently waited 
for a homemade desk. 
With love, Squire 
Sept. 21, 2013.

I am so pleased with the beautiful desk that will surely serve our family for many years and maybe even generations to come! I am even more pleased - especially in the writing of this post - with the incredible man I married. What a caring and giving craftsman I married! He has filled our home with wonderful gifts from his hard-working hands. All - I might add - while going to medical school. I love my guy. What a manly man!

Worth the two year wait - our gorgeous homemade corner computer desk.


  1. Jami, Thanks for your help staining and lacquering the desk--that was the best part of building it.

  2. I loved finishing the desk with you too, babe. When you've recovered from this project, I've got some more ideas of things you might like to build. I promise I'll help stain!! ;)

  3. It looks great! Just like the one you saw! Seriously! Way to go Squire.

  4. Wow! He is so talented! I'm really impressed. Makes me look around at all our craigslist furniture and go, meh...

    1. Rachel - Not pictured in this blog post is the rest of our furniture: compliments of D.I., Craigslist, a couple other random thrift stores, and a few generous family members. ;)



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