Friday, August 16, 2013

On Hypnobabies and Bridling Passions

As a stay-at-home mom, everything I do with my kidlets and home is of utmost Eternal significance. Though much of what I do isn't visible, or measurable either. So, it really feels good to have accomplished something that I can see, that I can check off a list. Something just for my own personal enrichment.

I have kind of been MIA for the last month and a half. Why? If you aren't friends with me on Facebook, you may have missed my announcement: I finally finished my Hypnobabies instructor training! I'm now officially: Jami Hepworth, HCHI (Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor.) Kind of a random title don't ya think? Definitely not one I ever imagined myself having! Here's the world-wide-web proof: My instructor listing on Hypnobabies:


In addition to the proof of my accomplishment above, the dark circles under my eyes, the 15 loads of unfolded (14 loads - unwashed) laundry, the piles of dishes on my kitchen counter top, and the dead garden in my back yard are the proof that, "You get some, you lose some." But I don't even care (that much.) I'm done!!! (By the way, I was exaggerating, but not by much. I'm too embarrassed and lazy to post pictures.)

Squire is still dealing with the sticker shock of this whole endeavor - (Who knew it cost so much to start your own business?!) But the spending is just about over, and the teaching of classes is about to begin. I'm just waiting on my plastic pelvis and uterus poster to arrive. Classes begin October 12th to be exact. You can see my website for more info if you are an expectant momma needing excellent childbirth hypnosis classes in the Tucson area! I am also on facebook and twitter, just in case you ever wanted to know. . . ;)

My bank account balance and common sense stopped me from indulging in the purchase of this doll:
Reborn Max Gudrun Legler now Jeremy BEAUTIFUL baby boy
Doll can be purchased here. Kudos to the artist, Krystle Aceski for her incredible work.
I do however fear all my searching for realistic-looking babies to use in my classes has started an unquenchable desire within me to start a massive reborn baby collection of my own. They're kinda creepy, but endearing and cuddly at the same time - don't you think? If I develop an unhealthy addiction to collecting these realistic-looking, hand-crafted baby dolls, I'm totally blaming Hypnobabies.

What's a business without a great logo? I commissioned my talented friend, Ruthy, to design me a fabulous logo and business cards which I am ecstatic about. I highly recommend her services. Here is her website. I had no idea what I wanted for my logo design - I only knew my website name. But with an explanation of my business and a few words and images that described the feeling I wanted expressed in my logo, she created this little beauty for me:
This awesome logo was designed by Ruthy Stapleton.
I've already got plans for that tagline to be changed within the next few years to something along the lines of "Childbirth and Lactation Services." I've decided that within the next few years I will pursue lactation consultant certification, and someday in the far far future (like 20 years from now, probably) I will also Hypno-doula (which I am currently certified to do, but with two kids under 2, and no family around, that ain't happenin'!) One pursuit at a time, right? 

A scripture that I have continually used to guide my life is Alma 38:12 where is says, ". . .see that ye bridle all your passions that ye may be filled with love. . ." Before marriage I thought about this verse more in the context of sexual purity, but I think its application is so much more broad than that. As a very passionate and excitable person myself, I know my tendency is to study an idea or to pursue a goal with intensity to the exclusion of everything and everyone else. I always have to check myself to make sure that my pursuits are controlled and moderated. However, they are not to be extinguished, either. The thing I love about this verse most? It gives me the nod to have and pursue my passions, too! A bridled horse, is one that will be ridden! A bridled passion is one that will be fulfilled - in the right time and in safety, moderation and wisdom. Not sure how well I always accomplish this (case in point: my messy house and dead garden), but I sure try, and I sure include God in my decisions and the timing of my pursuits. How different this message is from what the world tells us about our passions, isn't it?

The world's message to us is that we should live with all our passions unbridled and unrestrained - "Just go for it!" they say. "Forget about everything else, but yourself! You deserve it!" But any passion, not kept in check, not done in the right time, season or way - takes away a portions of our love for others and for God. Bridled passions on the other hand - those help us to increase our love for others, they help us to serve with more energy, they help us develop our special gifts from God for the benefit of His children, our own, and ourselves. Creative and spiritual constraint - they help us create an end product that can be savored and enjoyed without the bitterness that total selfishness injects.

Find your passions, bridle them, and ride them out in the way that God directs. 
That's my spiritual thought for you - and for me - today.

Tell me, what are your passions? How are you bridling and riding them out?


  1. So excited for you Jami!! Though, I have been missing your posts! I am riding my passion of blogging and am currently in the process of making it a business. But, it sure it taking some balance in my life not to super-focus on it to make it perfect, immediately. But, life is great!

    1. Thanks, Katelyn! That's awesome that you are business-fying your blog. I wish you the best in that endeavor - it's a big one for sure!



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