Thursday, July 4, 2013

What'chya Lookin' at?

Oscar: Our Indian Dwarf Puffer
Ziggy: Our Scarlet Badis
Can you find us both in this picture?
Ziggy peeping out behind the water heater and plant. He's got some nice silvery blue whisker-like pectoral fins.
Oscar has little wrinkles behind his eyes. His eyes can move in different directions at the same time, like a chameleon's.
Ziggy swimming away - he's a more timid fellow.
Oscar - full belly from breakfast. Curved swimming posture. He's like a little tadpole!
Our awesome little guys were purchased from Arizona Nature Aquatics: the only specialty freshwater fish shop in Arizona.

My fish have very little to do with the significant holiday that is today - except perhaps that they were purchased from a small local business which was able to be started by an innovative entrepreneur in our state because of our free country. I think I should make a note for any and all of my blog readers who aren't also friends with me on facebook: Happy Independence day! I hope you all get a chance to read this or watch this, and celebrate the birth of our exceptional nation with your loved ones! 



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