Monday, June 3, 2013

Life in Progress

 Around this house, we are making some progress.

Atley has learned to roll like a roly poly and she can get most places she likes to be - so long as a wall or large object isn't in her way. She will also begin trying solid foods starting this week!
Beautiful Atley.
She has also learned to sit up and to vocalize her first purposeful sound! "La, la sis boom bah. . . yaaaaaaay, Atley!" She'll be 6 months old in four more days.

Lincoln is fast becoming a master bike rider and rides his balance bike up and down the halls of our house all the live long day. He also picks out his own clothes.

Lincoln also sings quite nicely these days. Here is his rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" -Darth Vader style.

Squire and I are both very ready for Atley to move in to her own room. She doesn't know it yet, but she's really ready too. So, I am working on a quilt, black-out curtains, bedsheets and a couple other decorations for her room so we can move her there.

Squire's main wood-working projects right now are this Western-style bird house from old reclaimed wood, and this corner computer desk for our front room.

Though, he hasn't been doing a whole lot of wood working these days as he has been studying like a madman! He's preparing to take his Step 1 Boards Exam. This will determine where he is able to go for residency and what kind of doctor he can be. He takes his test on June 10th. Don't let his smile fool you - this guy is ready to be done studying, and to get that test over with! I know he's going to rock it. :)

When he needs a quick break from his studies, he brushes up on his metal-detecting skills by watching short youtube videos like this one by his favorite metal detectorist, "Jack Squat Digger". He's very excited to go metal detect his grandpa's ranch after his test and before his third year of medical school begins.

Here is my potting table filled with herbs started from seed (and a yellow watermelon plant in the pot on the bottom shelf. On Saturday night, I made pizza using some of my fresh home-grown basil. It was delicious. :) Down in the left corner, you can see a bit of our worm compost that we will be starting as soon as we return from my little sister's wedding.

Our garden is progressing. It could probably use a post all its own to tell you all that I have tried and learned. Suffice it to say that I think we actually will be getting carrots, corn, cherry and regular tomatoes, tomatillos, zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber and lettuce from our little crop. All of this was started from seed.

I threw some wildflower seed into my hanging baskets. They are hod-podge, but have been very rewarding to watch grow and bloom.

Lincoln also has his own little garden in a bucket. We had some old soil that we threw in this bucket after a couple of failed attempts at starting seeds. We kept it in the yard because we figured Lincoln would like digging in the soil with his shovel. Lincoln would dig around in the bucket, but he would also water it with me while I watered the garden every day. So I decided to throw a few different seeds in the bucket for him. As is plain to see - this boy is a gardening natural!

Squire cut out these wooden garden tags for me, and I have wood-burned a handful of them. But, they aren't all done yet. Like everything on this post, they are still in progress.

Hypnobabies instructor certification stuff - still in progress! I'm so ready to finish!!! My blog for my classes is coming along, but still has a ways to go, too! Fingers crossed that I can finish my certification work before I head to Reno for my little sister's wedding.

Lincoln is learning his letters and their sounds (he's pretty good at recognizing "F" "M" "L" "A" "O" and "B"), I've made big strides toward finishing this 468 page gem of a parenting book (Raising Your Spirited Child by: Mary Kurcinka), and Squire has been reading James Herriot's All Things Wise and Wonderful in his down time in the evenings. Atley enjoys chewing on any books she is able to roll toward and get her chubby fingers on.

Squire built this beautiful organizer for my craft closet about a year ago. Awesome, isn't it? I finally got it somewhat organized enough to photograph. Just ignore that top shelf and the fabric piled on top of my laminator.

I have been wanting to fine tune my look a little for teaching my Hypnobabies classes, and because in general I have a very difficult time knowing what to buy for myself to wear. There was a big sale for the fashion course I wanted on Memorial day, so, I decided to buy it, and give it a go. The course is called, "Dressing You Truth." It is a program which focuses on dressing according to your energy type. I have discovered I am a type 1 with a strong secondary type 3. I'm not sure I buy in to everything they teach, but I'm giving it a good try. They have a 60-day 5 compliment money back garuntee. So, we'll see if it helps me out. Here is my before picture: I'll let you know what I think after I make some bigger changes to better dress my energy type. 

Also, Squire got a motorcylce to be able to drive to school since we needed another vehicle for his third year of med school. We figured we would save on gas, registration and insurance. He is working on getting that motorcycle license - ASAP! Lincoln likes to "ride" the big bike whenever he can steal away into the garage.

Oh, and these? I do these a lot - but I never seem to make any progress. Probably because I write blog posts instead of clean. ;)
Tell me, what projects/skills/goals are you making progress on these days?


  1. If Squire is going to ride motorbikes, I HIGHLY recommend he take the TEAM motorcycle training course. They do 1-day in-class where they take the written exam, and 1-day in the field. At the end of the second day, you're certified to have a license to ride. I had Jordan take it before he rode and he said it was worth taking-- and that there are motorbikers who like to take the course every year or two because it's really helpful.

    ... and tell him to be careful because a lot of Tucson drivers don't pay attention while driving. The most common thing is lane-changes into the motorcycle's lane because the car driver didn't check their side mirrors. The course addresses things like that and tells you how to be a safer driver. Totally worth the investment if Squire is going to ride. =)

    1. Thanks for the hot tip, Katie. We will definitely have Squire do that course!

  2. You are a motivation. Really and honestly. My big goal for the next two months other then my prepper play group goals is to lower our monthly food bill to $300, and also finish the decor in the girls' room (I'm so close!)

    1. Seeing your finished quilt gives me motivation to get my rear in gear for Atley's room - Your girls' room is looking awesome! I know you're going to make your grocery bill goal, too. I'm excited to hear what you learn as you work with that recipe book. :)

  3. Sounds like you've been a very busy gal! Josh and I have been busy as well... though mostly reading books and enjoying the summer! Oh, how we love summer! But, we're both working on being healthier by exercising and eating better.

    1. Summer reading and relaxing is the best! Glad to hear you are taking care of your bodies, too. I hope your baby boy is treating you well. :)

  4. Just so everyone knows how awesome my wife is, those dishes are done too.

  5. AnonymousJune 24, 2013

    You are awesome! You need a new blog picture with that cutie Atley and big boy Lincoln!



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