Thursday, May 9, 2013

M.I.A. in St.Louis, MO: Hypnobabies Instructor Training

This past week, I attended my Hypnobabies Instructor training conference in St.Louis, Missouri!
The Arch - National monument and gateway to the West!
My mom and my sisters McKenzie and Riley attended with me so that Lincoln and Atley could be well cared-for while I attended the conference throughout the day, and did "Home-play" (homework) each night. It was a busy, busy week.

To be completely honest: I really missed my kids. The whole run up to our hotel room for 10 minutes to nurse Atley (who *will not* take a bottle of her mama's milk) and the quick hug for Lincoln every couple of hours was not my favorite.

Also, to be completely honest: all the incredible amounts of information I learned at the conference, and the camaraderie I felt with all the other amazing women there was fabulous. It's not every day you get to meet one of your heroes, either. And Kerry Tuschoff - the founder of Hypnobabies - is definitely up there on that list of role-models for me.

Speaking of Kerry being one of my role models. You know how people get all crazy about celebrities touch their hand, or shirt, or signing something of theirs? Well, during the conference, I had my own brush with fame - so to speak - where Kerry Tuschoff was concerned. Yes, pun intended - here's what I mean. I was wearing a short-sleeved shirt the day we were discussing newborn kindness. So Kerry used my arm to demonstrate to the class what little newborn babies feel when they are rubbed raw with rough towels. My arm was bright red and burning by the end! Ahhh! Haha! Not exactly the brush with fame I'd always dreamed, but I'll take it. ;) It demonstrated three great points that I'll be sharing in my classes:
  • Bring your own soft towels for your babies after they are born.
  • No hard rubbing/scrubbing of newborns - only light patting of that Vernix in to the skin.
  • Have that be done by a tender daddy, not a nurse! 
*Rant and random story done. Still haven't washed my arm. . . J/K!*

Seriously, though - I can't stop running through all of the incredible stuff I learned at the conference in my mind. I can't wait to get my first set of classes set up so I can have a forum to teach and talk about birth with a captive audience! ;) But, back to the trip.

We arrived on May 1st, my mom's birthday. We celebrated with pizza and dessert from this seriously delicious place, which was just a few blocks away from our hotel.

The next couple of days were very rainy, but once it calmed down a bit everyone (but me) got out to explore and enjoy the city a bit. Lincoln enjoyed going on the horse-drawn carriage ride around the town.



Mimi making sure Lincoln stayed inside the carriage during the ride. :)
The next day they rode the arch, which made Lincoln nervous ("Hugs! Hugs!" he told his Mimi as he clung tightly to her at the top.)

Lincoln feeling nervous riding the arch pod up to the top.

Several nights, we went swimming in the indoor pool at the hotel. Atley and Lincoln both absolutely loved the water. And yes - I totally wore my glasses in the swimming pool.

We even put this little floaty jacket on Lincoln and he had a blast swimming around on his own. I think it is time to do another session of swim lessons and soon - this boy thinks he is a little too invincible in the water for his own good:

Atley loved snuggling with her Aunt McKenzie in the mornings. Good preparation for what is to come for McKenz - with her getting married here in just over a month. ;)

At breakfast our very last morning, one of the women working the breakfast area at the hotel came up to us, looking at Atley and said with her sassy voice, "She a juicy baby!" We all laughed, and my mom responded, "That's the most perfect description we've heard of her yet!" Isn't it, though? I love this "juicy" baby girl of mine!
Adorable baby Atley - and a pretty good shot of Kenzie's great engagement ring.
On our last day in Missouri, we dined out at the quintessential tourist eatery: the Hard Rock Cafe.

Sistas, Linc, and Atley at the Hard Rock Cafe - thanks for taking the photo, Mom!
Since Kenzie and I got "Legendary" burgers at the Hard Rock Cafe, we were eligible to enter photos with our food on Instagram for a contest to win a trip. We didn't win, but I'm pretty sure this had to be the cutest picture of the day. Look at those thigh rolls! Look at that little tongue!:


On our ride back to the hotel on the Metrolink, we made sure to cross the Mississippi river just for the fun of it. I finally got a picture with the arch.

We all took one final walk around the park by the Arch and Lincoln got to see fireflies for the first time in real life - which he really enjoyed, as he had just been introduced to fireflies through Eric Carle's, The Lonely Firefly, only a few weeks earlier.

The park by the Arch - blindingly, beautifully green to my Tucson resident eyes!
The flight home was a bit stressful, as Atley had a massive poopy blowout (Curse you, disposables!) just minutes before boarding the plane, and then another just about a half hour after the plane took off - leaving her with no more back-up clothes to wear. So, she just flew in a diaper wrapped up in her blanket. And Lincoln? He starting this delightful screechy screaming thing the last 45 minutes of the flight or so.

Me: "Lincoln! See all these people on the plane? They don't like it when you scream like that. That is not considerate. Can you say considerate? Look at the people. Let's be nice and quiet for all of them."

Lincoln: *Screech!* "People! People!" *Giggling.*

Me: *Slapping myself in the face and holding it there to hide my face. And also laughing to myself just a little bit - (because the lady sitting in front of us with her tightly pursed lips, rolling eyes and chair reclined in the farthest position possible, was going to be in a bad mood no matter what happened on that flight.)*

Being silly with Aunt Kenzie on the flight home. :)
Before I came to this conference, I:
  • Read and reviewed 7 books.
  • Completed a college-level introductory Hypnosis course.
  • Read many more articles, and watched several videos in preparation for my general childbirth education course (which was held the day before the Hypnobabies specific training.)
Now that I have attended this conference, I am still not an official instructor! Before I am an official Hypnobabies instructor, I have to:
  • Pass my Hypnobabies final exam with at least 90%.
  • Read one more childbirth book and write a review of it. 
  • Put together a list of natural-friendly locations and care providers for my future clients.
  • Submit my signed Hypnobabies contract by snail mail.
My goal it to get that done before I go to Reno for Kenzie's wedding. *Fingers crossed.*

I have discovered that it is no small feat to become a Hypnobabies instructor! Though, it most certainly would have been impossible at this time in my life without the help of my wonderful mom and sisters coming with me to my training to take care of my little ones. So, to them I am forever grateful and indebted! Thanks again fabulous family. I love you all, and I'm glad we did this together. I really couldn't have done it without you. I'm so glad we did it. :)


  1. Congrats Jami! It's a big accomplishment you are working towards!

  2. That's wonderful, and good luck with the exam! Also, you guys make really cute babies!

    1. Thank you, Katie - for the luck and the compliment! :) Your kiddos are adorable, too. Do you think I could have an invite to your blog so I can see them?! I've been meaning to ask you, and keep forgetting. My email is jamihepworth at gmail dot com.

  3. AnonymousJuly 22, 2013

    Glad you enjoyed the carriage ride! I was your driver!

    1. That's rad you found this post! Thanks for making my kids' time in Missouri memorable, and for stopping by my blog! :)



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