Monday, April 1, 2013


Enjoying a treat from the ice cream truck with his birthday money from Granny.
If for some reason you happen to stay at my home, and my son jumps in your bed at 6:00am asking for "Lunch" you can be sure he is ready for some breakfast.

Oh, and if you ever happen to hear that same little boy saying, "mooie porn" please do not be alarmed. He is only asking for his favorite popped snack to eat while watching a thrilling educational program from the library: (movie) popcorn.
Despite my attempts to neutralize my reactions (to prevent positively reinforcing) Lincoln's bringing bugs into the house on his finger to show me, or his pointing out "Bum bum! Poop!" every time he sees the backside of an animal or person, or his grabbing at my chest and announcing, "Boobies!" He has still discovered that these things warrant reactions and laughs. What can I say? He's all boy, and his father's son.
Each night, we give our silly little boy a sippy cup when he goes to bed. One night, we didn't notice he already had an old cup in his bed when we brought him a fresh sippy of water. Upon discovering that he had not only one, but two sippy cups, he burst into uncontrollable laughter and said, "Waters! Waters!"
Delighted at the frog fountain at the zoo.
It doesn't appear, however, that his extremely well-developed sense of humor is wooing the ladies completely quite yet. At story time at the library, he pulls up a pillow to sit on, right next to a cute little Hispanic girl about his age. He sits next to her, and then scootches his little bottom even closer next to her. Every time, the little girl looks back to her grandma with a look of severe discomfort that says, "Who is this kid and what does he think he's doing?!" She runs back to the safety of the space near her grandmother, and Lincoln just shrugs his shoulders and finds his place - standing at the librarian's feet, directly in front of the story time book, blocking the view of everyone at story time.
Story time isn't the only place where this little boy sticks out though. On Saturday, we brought Lincoln to the Children's Museum to participate in the free Easter egg hunt they were hosting. And out of - I don't know, 200 people? - Lincoln is the one kid who ran under the flags blocking off the grass to get on with hunting for his Easter eggs. *Cue some blushing and apologies from his Mom.*
But, he's still little right? I mean, all the other kids at the Easter Egg hunt were little too, but he is only two. And we're working with him to teach him patience. He still manages to sneak bites of food during mealtime prayers, but we working with him. When he steals another child's toy, he is actually thoughtful enough to think to get that child a replacement toy. And he loves to put diapers on his stuffed bunny, wrap it up in a blanket, and put it to bed.
This little boy loves to "Dribe!"
Lincoln isn't potty trained, but we are working on it with him these days. After he goes pee on the potty, he will ask for "nakins" (toilet paper) and then for "M's" (M&M's). He gets 3 M&M's when he fills up a whole row of 8 stickers on his reward chart. Lincoln takes great pride in his stickers and loves to do a short parade through the kitchen and living room whenever he earns one for going on the potty, or for being a very good helper cleaning up his toys before bed at night.
We are still having struggles with his passive (and not so passive) aggressive behavior towards his little sister. But, I like to focus on the moments when he asks to "Hol her!" (Or alternately, "Hol it!") and he tries to rock Atley's solid chunky body back and forth as he tells her, "Shhh!" Or when he brings her a blanket, "Warm. Baby." Or when he pets her head lightly as he says, "Sof, sof. . . " (soft), or when he says, "Gentle" as he anything-but-gently bobs his little sister up and down in her bouncer - which has surprisingly on occasion actually helped to calm her down.
Recently, we had a family home evening lesson with Lincoln about the Sacrament and what it means. We showed him pictures of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the Cross. While I can't say his pointing out, Jesus' "Diaper!" was my proudest parenting moment of all time, I absolutely love that when he takes the sacrament at church with us, he now says, "Body. Jesus."
I love our sweet, rambunctious, curious, outspoken little boy. Yes. I. Do. :)

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