Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Two Grown Up: Lincoln's 2nd Birthday

Where did my baby boy go? 

He's gone a little bit more each day . . . each scabby nose from each rambunctious jump/fall off the bed, each adventure digging in the gravel in our backyard, each story we read, each new word he learns. Yesterday was a day of reflection on his going and growing as we celebrated his 2nd Birthday! It could not have been a more wonderful day. Squire and I made it all about Lincoln - which is pretty tough to do these days, what with the new little lady. But, I think he felt the love and the specialness of the anniversary of his entry into our world.

Wearing his B-Day Boy shirt from Mimi and Grandpa.
 He woke to find the house decked with streamers and balloons. (A late night gig, made possible with my friend Shanna's assistance! Thank you again, friend!!)

 "Red. Bluuuue. Loons. Geen. Lellow. Star." were heard all day long. Yep, buddy. Those are all there. :)

After a breakfast of man champions (Biscuits and Gravy, juice, and cuties - of course), and while still sportin' his jammies, Lincoln enjoyed getting bugs out of a block of ice I had frozen up in a loaf pan the night before.

His presents were opened periodically throughout the day. This first one was from me - a crayon caddy and notebook, covered in matching fabric.

 Remember our funny Tobias books from this post? Well, Lincoln doesn't know it, but after getting Tobias Goes Seal Hunting for Christmas, and now Tobias Has a Birthday for his birthday, he's only one book short of owning the whole Tobias collection.

 Lincoln loves his Tobias books. From Tobias Has a Birthday, we noticed a unique birthday custom in Greenland that we have decided to implement in our family - putting out the flag on that day. Squire made sure to have our American flag up all day yesterday in celebration of Lincoln's birthday.
Below is the least fuzzy picture I could take of Lincoln and I together - this rambunctious little boy does NOT sit still! Lincoln and I were able to sneak away for a little over an hour while Atley napped at home with daddy. We went to Toys 'R Us to go shopping with the $5 Great Granny Shanks sent in the mail for Linc's big day. Lincoln picked out a "pokey" orange ball, and a little plastic dump truck. He won't even go to sleep without them right now. He's pretty much obsessed.
Dinner was Mexican Chicken - one of Lincoln's faves - as well as fresh pineapple and strawberries. After dinner, we played with water beads. (Thanks again for the cheap toddler entertainment, Dollar Tree!)
 The bugs from the ice block were a nice addition as well.
 After we cleaned up the water beads, it was time to decorate Lincoln's "lellow" cake which he chose at the grocery store the evening before. Lincoln liked putting the different kinds of sprinkles on his cake - almost as much as he liked swiping gobs of the chocolate frosting off as he went. ;)
 Atley was very interested in the cake and had to be held back by daddy to be kept from diving right in for a bite!
 After dinner, cake, and getting cleaned up, Lincoln opened up the rest of his presents. Here he is checking out the cool felt scripture story characters and felt board from my friend Shanna and her husband Ben. "Out! Out!" he kept repeating - he  wanted to play with his cool new activity sans plastic wrap.
And here he is opening his beautiful set of wooden blocks we got off Etsy.
Linc wanted to hold his little sis for about 7 seconds, and I was lucky enough to catch a photo of the moment.
After presents, Lincoln got to stay up late past bedtime and watch The Lion King and eat popcorn with mom and dad. He went to sleep with a wide sleepy grin on his face.

Lincoln is such an active, observant, talkative, adventurous, and sweet little boy. What did we ever do without him in our lives? I don't really even remember, but I'm sure we weren't as exhausted or fulfilled as we are with him here now. :) We are so happy you're ours! We love you, Lincoln! Happy Birthday, Son!


  1. It looks like he had a PERFECT day! You are such a creative, giving, and fun person. Thanks again for letting me lend a hand.

  2. I love the idea of progressively opening presents throughout the day. We decided to do that in my family as well for birthdays and Christmas because then Ezra (my son) can enjoy each gift rather than just moving on to the next. I like the ice block idea, too. That's super cute!



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