Saturday, February 9, 2013

Reclaimed Wood Potting Table: A.K.A. My Husband is Awesome

Reason #8,473,941 why I love my husband? He built me a rustic potting table from reclaimed wood today. The cost for materials for it were only the cost of gas it took to pick them up. Thank you, Craigslist free section! :) And thank you blog post for the picture inspiration. Want to see how it turned out? Check out these pics:
Squire surveying the reclaimed wood, Lincoln prepping for the project with proper head gear.
Reclaimed wood pieces.
Some old rusty nails Squire used in the project.
The completed bottom table portion.
The finished project - Yay for unique, rustic potting tables!
My yet-to-sprout seeds in Cowpots, waiting to be planted . . .

I cant wait to see all the pots on this table overflowing with delicious fresh herbs!

Squire enjoyed building with the old scrap wood. He plans to make a porch swing out of reclaimed wood (for which I'll make cute cushions) for our backyard after he finishes the corner desk for our computer. I am one spoiled and happy wifey! :)


  1. Yes! That's one "Honey do" down! . . . only 7,468 left to do . . .

    1. Yes! Good work love! Except, you actually have 7,471 things on the Honey do list now. I just thought of a few more things . . .



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