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December 8th-26th, 2012: A Photo Post

I knew when we brought Atley home to meet Lincoln the first time that she needed to wear the duck jammies. Every day he would pull those footie jammies out of the clear plastic totes that housed Atley's wardrobe, and he would carry them all over the house. "Baby? Baby?" he would ask me. The gender neutral size newborn duck jammies, were actually a gift for Lincoln when he was born - from a friend in the Singles ward Squire and I served in together. However, 9+ lb. babies don't really fit in clothing that size very well. ;) But, we made them work just long enough for Lincoln to hold her for the first time while she wore them:
Lincoln holding his baby sister for the very first time.
Later that same day, in 0-3 month sized jammies, getting to know baby sister some more: 

Getting acquainted with baby sister.
 Oh, little baby feet! Gotta love them. :)

A few days after Atley was born, we took an outing to the Reid Park Zoo to see the lights and Santa. I think this is the very first picture of our entire family together after Atley was born.

Atley's first picture with Santa - 4 days old.
My mom helped us out and took a picture of our family together while she was still in town.

Atley and I getting ready for the picture.

And here it is - Hepworth family 2012 - with the newest addition!

Love Lincoln's sweet little smile in this one.
While my mom was here, she also helped cook, clean, take care of Lincoln, Atley, Squire and me! She also took some cute pictures of her grandkids while they spent some one-on-one time with her.

Lincoln visiting Mimi in her room early one morning - wearing the hat she got him.

Atley, smiling in her sleep - 4 days old.
Atley, looking like a sweet little doll - just 5 days old.

Mom and I having fun dressing Atley - 5 days old.
Here is my sister Mom. :) Yes, this is "Mimi." I hope I look as good as my mom when I'm her age! Pretty much everyone who met my mom, said she could be my sister. For reals.

Mom, taking one last picture with her grandbabies. :)
I love my mom so much. It was so nice to have her help, love, wisdom and sense of humor the week before and the two weeks after I had Atley. When she left, Squire said, "It feels so depressing around here." He called her to let her know that there was "Something important that you forgot that you have to come back to get right now. . ." "What did I forget?" my mom asked him. "Um, you're just going to have to come back to get it . . ." Haha. I felt the same way. We were all sad to see my mom go. We really enjoyed her visiting us. We're glad that with Atley's blessing coming up in just a few more weeks, that we won't have to wait very long to see her again!

Me with my mom.

These are just two pictures of Lincoln I took that I really liked. :) Is my son a handsome little boy or what?!

Lincoln, 22 months old.

Lincoln, 22 months old.
Here is a picture of our Christmas tree this year. I strung the popcorn garland and made new orange slice ornaments, and a new Christmas tree star! (I wasn't digging the whole Blair witch project twig star I came up with last year.)

Our Christmas tree this year.
 I cut a styrafoam circle into a star shape, and clued on thin strips of burlap and some red berries - and Voila! A homemade, inexpensive Christmas tree star that will adorn our tree for many years to come. :)
Our homemade Christmas tree star.
My mom gave us two of our Christmas gifts early this year, so that we could enjoy them this Christmas Season. One, was this beautiful handmade polymer clay nativity set by Emilie Kamachi. Check out her facebook page or website to see more of her work. She is incredibly talented.

Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and Angel.
Three awesome bejeweled wise men and one attractive camel.
Shepherds, sheep and a donkey with character.
 The other gift was an ornament for Atley's first Christmas - also by Emilie.

My mom and dad gave us ornaments by Emili for our first Christmas married back in 2008:

And also for Lincoln's first Christmas, last year:

 I love seeing these on our tree. They are handmade, unique, and personal. Emilie does beautiful work. She really captures people with clay. I'm glad we have more of her beautiful work to add to our future Christmas' as a family! Thank you mom and dad for these and the Nativity - and thank you Emilie for sharing your talent! :)

I really wanted to get a cute newborn in a stocking picture. First attempt, Atley didn't fit in the stocking:

 And she was upset that we tried to put her in it:
Another day. Second attempt, with a gigantic stocking - and success! Sort of . . .
 But, that ended with the same result. This little girl does not being in stockings.
Love this cute picture of her crying though. :) Thanks for the flower, Granny!
She did however, really like wearing her soft cozy Santa Christmas Eve jammies. Thank you Mom and Dad! Lincoln loved his too. :)

Lincoln and Atley on Christmas Eve 2012 - in their Christmas jammies.
But do you know what we all loved even more?! The fact that Papa Hepworth decided to come down to Tucson to spend a few days - including Christmas - with all of us! :) We had such a nice visit "or "Vist" with Him as he would say. Lincoln loved playing with Grandpa, and Atley was happy to be cuddled in his arms. Lincoln loves cows as much as his cowboy Grandpa does, so they get along very well. Lincoln loved the singing cow, Grandpa brought him that moos to the tune of "Joy to the World," so much so, that the awesome singing cow's batteries had to get lost a couple times during Grandpa's visit. ;) We loved having him come for Christmas, and we hope it isn't the last one he spends with us!

Papa Hepworth with Atley.
Grandpa with his grandkids.
All the boys. Lincoln, ready to not be photographed anymore.
Proof that were all together at one time! December 26th, 2012 - wishing Grandpa a good trip back to Page.
Squire tried to pull the, You-forgot-something-and-you-need-to-come-back-now-to-get-it trick on his dad, too. It didn't work on him either, unfortunately. So, for the last few days we have been left alone in a pretty quiet house - that is when Lincoln isn't playing the piano or randomly screeching and running around the house like the little wild man that he is. ;) 

What a fabulous December this one was for our little family! The stillness of our house without family visiting reminds us of how much we loved having them here with us. Atley's blessing day can't come soon enough! We hope your Christmas was filled with as much joy as ours was! And in case you don't hear from me before then - Happy New Year!

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