Sunday, October 14, 2012

Freshly Harvested Memories from the Pumpkin Patch

Growing up, my family always had a tradition of going to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm every year around Halloween. It was magical. I want our children to have similar magical memories, so today we made our way South of Tucson to Agua Linda farm as a family.
Walking down the dusty road with Daddy.
"Cow?! Cow?!" "Yes, Lincoln! That is a cow!"
Lincoln: "Mmmmmm! Mmmmm! (Mooing)"
Hepworth Family Picture - Agua Linda Farm 2012
"Cow?! Cow?!" "No, Lincoln. That is a donkey!"
The Hepworth Boys ;)
Victory in climbing the multi-tiered haystack! I can't help but think of this kid when I look at this picture of Lincoln.
Observing the sheep.
Lincoln's favorite petting zoo inhabitant.
Up close and personal.
Introducing Daddy.
Saying goodbye.
Checking out all the baby and female goats who were trying to get away for some reason . . .
Picking up goat poop to throw at the goats hiding in the shed. ;) The rabbit he tried to acquaint himself with, with eye-poking, had a similar reaction as these goats.
Playing in the coop house.
Handsome little cowboy.
"Guck?! Guck?! (Duck)" "No, Lincoln. Those are chickens!" P.S. Look at that handsome husband of mine! :)
Lincoln was making his way through the hay maze when he became fixated on an older boy, with dark straight hair and a Wolfman t-shirt. Despite my encouragement to Lincoln to continue on through the maze, Lincoln started to follow the boy instead. I detected a lightness fill the boy as he smiled and began looking in the hay on the ground for grasshoppers to catch. He caught one that nestled happily on his finger. He offered the bug to Lincoln to touch, but Lincoln was content just looking. It was a beautiful moment - to have witnessed my son touch another boy's life in such a sweet and simple way.
Hay Maze Friend.

Searching the pumpkin patch for the perfect pumpkin.
Snuggling in close for a picture in the patch.
I am 32 weeks pregnant today. I picked out a pretty large pumpkin to compare to my baby belly - and my belly was still larger! Ahhhh! Haha. The end is getting near. :)
Not sure whether or not to take positive interest in the fuzzy caterpillar Daddy found.
Mr. Grumpy pants holding his pumpkin from the patch.

Relaxing on the hay bales to the country/indie/Jack Johnson-style tunes from this awesome musician. My biggest regret of the day was not getting his name. We all really enjoyed his style.

Over the course of the day, Lincoln's dimpled smile and cowboy getup earned him lots of attention. "I can't stand how adorable he is!!! He is soooo cute!" were common decelerations. One baby girl was so mesmerized by Lincoln's hat, that she just started walking toward him in a daze with her mouth open wide and her finger pointed in his direction. Lincoln's friendly nature scored him welcome smiles and chuckles when he confidently plopped himself down on a family's picnic quilt during lunchtime. And later, he sat next to another family's little boy on a hay bale while we were listening to the live music, and was pleased to receive a spoonful of grape snow cone for his forward cuteness.

Close-up family pic.
Our little sunflower bursting with energy.
Lincoln had a great time at the pumpkin patch - and enjoyed having his socks and shoes removed, too.

Such a big boy. Soon to be a big brother. Where has the time gone little son?!

Today was a fabulous day.


  1. What a great day! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice. Wish we could have spent the day with you guys. Glad you had a great time.

  3. So cute! Looks like Lincoln had a wonderful time!



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