Friday, October 19, 2012

20 Reasons Romney Deserves Your Vote

A little over a week ago, I took the time to detail for you 20 reasons why Obama does NOT deserve your vote. Unlike last election cycle with McCain as the GOP nominee, I am ecstatic to vote for Obama's opponent this go around - Mitt Romney!

Romney Speaks in Detroit

Here are 20 Reasons why Romney DOES deserve your vote in this, the most critical election in the history of our nation:

  • Romney has a plan, and he will deliver. Romney’s first day in office as governor of Massachusetts, he met with his cabinet to go through his list of campaign promises and discuss how they were going to tackle/keep every promise he had made to the people of his state. I imagine that he would do the same thing as president of our country. The promises he is making for and to our country are fabulous by the way: balance the budget, repeal Obamacare and tackle health care issues with more market-driven solutions and give the power to states to manage healthcare as they see fit, become North America energy independent within 8 years, declare China a currency manipulator, keep peace and safety for America with a strong military, simplify the tax code and lower taxes for middle income Americans and small businesses, make America the most attractive country in which to do business to bring back manufacturing jobs, improve training for employees, get rid of all excess government spending that isn’t worth borrowing from China to fund, get the unemployment rate below 6% in his first year in office, reform entitlements so that they are solvent for generations like mine, and many more.

  • Romney is generous.  He gave away his entire inheritance to charity. Romney also gave 44% of his income in 2011 to taxes and to charity. But, he’s a very wealthy guy, so the percentage of income he gives isn’t that impressive to some (It still is to me!) However, Mitt is also extremely generous with his time. There are some pretty incredible stories about Mitt’s generosity – you can hear account of a handful of them at this link. But, you may or may not have already known that Mitt has volunteered countless hours of volunteer service to his country, community and church through his working for free as an intern in the Governor’s office and later as Governor of Massachusetts, as the president of the Olympics, at Bain and Co. (not the same as Bain Capital), as a missionary and later a Bishop/Stake President (Pastor-type figure) for his church, and so on. When all the years he has served in positions for no salary are calculated, he has worked for over two decades without pay - or with his case in the Olympics, giving all the money he did earn to charity (check out this Snopes article to read about the details.) The Romney’s make a point to volunteer at least 10% of their time to serving others. It seems they have been doing at least that much, if not much much more.  I would expect he would do the same as president.

  • Romney is independently wealthy. Some people try to turn this in to a negative but it is actually a great strength of Romney’s. Here’s why. #1, the man knows how the economy works, how to budget, and he knows how to create wealth and jobs. The man is a financial success. We want someone who has proven they can be successful on their own in the financial world to help our struggling economy out. #2, he already has wealth and is obviously extremely generous with it, so it seems to me that he does not have the incentive career-politicians do to save their careers by giving away pork, etc. Whether he is president or not, he will be just fine. Not sure our country will be, but I digress.

  • Romney Supports Traditional Marriage. Yes. Mitt supports a constitutional amendment which make marriage between only one man and one woman. This protects children, religious freedom and reason. We need this.

  • The worst dirt that can be found on Romney, speaks to his near angelic nature. This guy is squeaky clean. It's quite hilarious to me, that the worst stuff the media can dig up on Mitt Romney come from his high school boy antics (the hair-cutting incident by the way, has been denied by the family of the boy Mitt Romney allegedly gave a hazing haircut to.) Tying their dog's crate to the top of their car when the dog had diarrhea on a trip?  Oh the horror! Investing in other countries? Ummm, yeah. Him and every other person that has a 401K or invests in International Mutual Funds or stocks. Oh, and the worst dirt at Bain Capital? Happened during the years he wasn't working there. Keep the scandals coming media. Keep them coming.

  • Romney understands that there is an entitlement attitude problem in America.  The media has made a big deal over Mitt's 47% comments. Watch that whole exchange here if you don't already know about it. While he could have finessed and perhaps P.C.ed that comment up a bit more, Mitt was right.  47% of Americans don't pay federal income taxes and are inclined to vote for the person who promises them more "stuff." People like this lady. More and more Americans find refuge in the arms of Government security (whether through choice or unfortunate circumstances), instead of through their own hard work, families, churches, or ingenuity. I realize that there is a need for safety nets and that our poor need a place to go - now more than ever with our horrible economy. But, go ask your Grandma about what she would have considered acceptable to accept from the government in her day - many of American's attitudes about getting help from the government has drastically changed, for the worse. And this is a problem. #1: Dependence on the government is not sustainable, obviously - just check out the countries on the other side of the ocean, their financial crises will tell you that story. #2: More dependence on government means less freedom. Study the Declaration of Independence - we separated ourselves from our Mother Country and King because top-heavy government was stifling our liberties, so our founders came up with something better. Though I don't pay federal taxes and technically find myself in that 47% category, we don't really take out any government assistance that we are not going to pay back (student loans) and we will still be voting for Mitt. So, while Mitt was right in principle, he was off on the exact percentage - there are surely others like me with little to no money who don't use the system (or even do - for legitimate reasons) who still value freedom and prosperity when we vote, over entitlement attitudes.

  • Romney can work with people from both parties. How do we know this? His experience. He was voted in as a Republican Governor in a state that is 87% Democrat. And he worked with those democrats, independents and Republicans alike to deliver results. While I tend to be pretty conservative myself, I recognize great value in electing a leader who knows how to work with a wide variety of people. Regardless of the party majorities in both houses of Congress, I feel confident that Romney will deliver results.

  • Romney knows how to balance budgets. There is some debate about whether Romney's proposals will really lead to a balanced budget. How can a person know who to believe? We don’t have to talk about this in theory, Mitt Romney has a record of excellent book-keeping and budget-balancing in his personal life, as governor, while he ran the Olympics, etc. He is no spring chicken when it comes to this issue.

  • Romney is one hard-working man.  Romney is most definitely a strong type-A personality. He works hard at whatever he sets his mind to, and is a high achiever. You don't graduate from BYU with honors, and then from Harvard Business school and Law School cum laude without being intelligent AND a very diligent student. Nor do you go on to be a successful business man, the President of the Olympics or a governor without continuing on with that strong work ethic. No one need worry that Romney will hold the record for highest number of rounds of golf played during his time in office.

  • Romney on Foreign Policy. This one is vital, especially in light of the recent terror attack in Benghazi and the weak image Obama has been projecting of America all around the world. Not only have the Obama administration's decisions regarding foreign policy been stifling to international trade, and hurt American jobs, but they have also cost American lives. Romney is not flippant about the real nuclear threat Iran is to our country and the world. He is not flippant about the real threat the Muslim brotherhood is to the United States. Romney is a firm supporter of Israel. He acknowledges terrorist attacks when he sees them. He is proud of our exceptional country and will not apologize for it being the powerful symbol of freedom that it is around the world. He will also do more than Obama did to increase international trade – especially with South America. He will also do more to call out the cheaters in International trade – particularly China. He will do more than Obama has to strengthen ties with the countries who are deepest allies. He will not send foreign aid to countries who use that aid to attack us. Romney will restore our military to its place of strength and solidarity, and not decrease our number of nuclear weapons. He will actually attend his security briefings, and take the counsel of the generals serving in war zones about appropriate timelines for withdrawal. Romney knows like President Reagan wisely did – that there is peace through strength, not weakness. Listen in on Monday to the third and last Presidential debate to get more details on all these issues and more. I’m sure a clear contrast between Obama and Romney will be evident.

  • Romney's philosophy on Supreme Court Judge appointments. With 4 of our current justices in their late 70's/early 80's, one of them with Pancreatic cancer, it is expected that the next president could appoint as many as 4 new supreme court justices during his tenure. Romney's philosophy is to appoint justices with strict constructionist views on the Constitution. Which truly, every Supreme Court Justice should - that's their duty - to uphold laws that are in line with the Constitution, and to overturn laws that are not. So, electing a President with this view on judges is critical.

  • Romney is a devoted husband and father. 40 years faithfully married to the same woman - what a testament to his integrity, steadiness, and trustworthiness. Ann and Mitt have a beautiful love story, tried by humble beginnings, 5 sons (Ahhh! Hehe.), battles with breast cancer and M.S. And those five sons now also have beautiful families of their own. From what I have read, all seem to have personal records as sterling as their father's. This point is perhaps one of his most impressive accomplishments of them all. Though - you've got to give a lot (if not most) of that credit to Ann as a stay-at-home mom, too. Also, the fact that Mitt could snag as awesome a wife as Ann Romney, seems to be yet another point in his favor as well. What a beautiful, loving, confident and incredible role model Ann would be for our country as a first lady!

  • Romney on Energy. Romney has a plan to get our country North America energy independent within 8 years. This is a win for American jobs as well as American safety. Romney will approve the Keystone Pipeline, adding jobs to our and more oil to decrease the demand and price. Romney supports clean coal technology (which will hopefully help reduce growing electric costs for Americans) as well as other green technologies. However, as an intelligent and successful businessman, Romney will not dump money into ideas that don’t work and that don’t give a return back.

  • Romney is a God-fearing man. This post does not need to turn into a post debating the differences in doctrine between Evangelical and Mormon Christianity. Let's suffice it to say that Mitt Romney believes and holds himself accountable to a higher power, to God. Even if he holds the most powerful position in the world, he still views himself as a humble servant of God. And even with all the powerful positions he has held, he has consistently served God in the way he sees fit throughout the course of his life. What a beautiful check faith is for what could potentially be crippling and soul-destroying power.  

  • Paul Ryan. What an awesome choice for VP - yet more evidence of Romney's ability to make wise choices. Ryan is not only a good-looking, clean-cut guy like Romney, but he has rational, common sense, no-nonsense  plans for being able to balance the budget, cut the deficit, grow our economy, and to help keep entitlements like Social Security and Medicare fiscally solvent (right now, they really aren't. Sad, but true.) What's more is he is eloquent, clear, and polite when he discusses the difficult financial challenges America faces that many would rather just hide back under the rug. He is a fantastic representative of our country, and will give valuable input to Romney on these critical issues.

  • Romney is eloquent. While this as a stand-alone reason would not qualify him for president, it is a nice quality for our president to have. Many found George W. Bush's lack in this area to be very distasteful. I wasn't especially bothered, but I appreciate someone who can explain things well and with flair. And Romney has that quality. 

  • Romney is honest. For all I have studied and read about him, I believe Romney to be an honest man. I even know he paid his taxes in full. How do I know that? Common sense. Does anyone except for ridiculous Harry Reid really believe that extremely wealthy Mitt Romney could get away with not paying taxes? The IRS keeps a close watch on the taxes he files, and rakes them through with a comb I'm sure. They check other people’s taxes too, and certainly they would pay close attention to tax returns from the ultra wealthy. Romney would not get away with paying one dime under what he legally owes in taxes.

  • Romney is not going to make excuses. Romney takes personal responsibility for the success and failings he made as a venture capitalist. Instead of placing blame, he has used his knowledge gained from such failures, to propel more future success. As President, I believe he will be extremely successful, but I do not foresee him complaining about the horrible Obama economy even if getting there is difficult. He already has a solid reputation as a results-seeker/deliverer, not a blame-placer. How refreshing would that be to have a President like that?
I hope someone out there found this post helpful. Romney is a man with exceptional character, a man who could really lead this country to an economic recovery and to a bright future. The choice couldn't be more clear:

Romney/Ryan 2012!!!

P.S. All you Libertarians out there who are planning to vote for Gary Johnson, or to write in Ron Paul, please take a moment to read this thoughtful article written by a fellow Libertarian.

P.P.S. I am not voting for Romney because he shares my faith. While sharing the same faith with a nominee can indeed set up a framework for trust, it is ultimately that candidate's political principles that guide my choice to support or oppose him/her. As a former Nevada resident, I NEVER EVER supported Harry Reid, who is also Mormon. He's just too much of a liberal puppet for the democrat party for my taste. But that's neither here nor there - I'm just throwing that out there in case anyone challenges my integrity on the issue.

Now tell me politically-educated friends – I know there are many more reasons than I listed here – Why else does Mitt Romney deserve our vote this election?


  1. My question is why do you believe "this is the most critical election in the history of our nation."

    I've heard others express similiar sentiment, but was just wondering why it is that you believe it is so.

    1. I agree in part with what Anonymous is saying below, but I believe this election is MUCH more critical than he/she does. Why? Because with our credit being downgraded twice, and our national debt soaring to 16+ trillion dollars, our economy could completely collapse with the refusal of other nations to lend to us. Think Germany after the Deutsche Mark's value was worthless. People's life savings couldn't even buy them a loaf of bread. Also, to elaborate on what anonymous said, Obama's policies and economy have fostered an entitlement attitude and government dependency like we have never before seen. Without a more conservative president and congress in place, (and more conservative judges who will be appointed as well), our countries founding principles could very well be swept away with legistlation. Obamacare is a disaster which gives so much power to the government to tax and to get involved in the intricacies of our personal lives and choices. Not to mention it won't work to fix the problems it is aiming to fix. It will only worsen the health care problem in America. We will not be the most free nation in the world, but a nation under big government. Also, with our weakening economy and Obama's downsizing of our military, we are becoming more and more vulnerable to terrorist attacks. There are some serious times for our nation.

  2. This is not the most critical election in this nation's history. I mean Lincoln was hanging by a thread but the people saw a true leader in him and made the right choice. This is important because this election marks a battle between modern liberalism and conservatism. There has never been a closer call than now. We either go socialist and eat all the global warming baby killing nonsense or we stick to our guns and piece this country back together while being called sexist, racist and every other kind of ist you can think of. It's time to push the fat lazy American off the couch and expect more than shrugs when responsibility comes a knocking. I received a letter last week informing me that I've contributed to social security since 1999. I was 12 in 1999! I currently hold 2 part time jobs I can pay my bills with one but I want to earn $1 million by age 50. My father did it on minimum wage with smart investing and so will I. The most important right in this country is the right to fail. People walk most carefully when there is no net to catch them.



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