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20 Reasons Obama Does NOT Deserve Your Vote

Obama: Jesus would back my tax-the-rich 
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So, I’ve gotten the controversial blog post bug apparently because I can’t stop writing things that irk some people. See this post, this post, and this one too if you care to rehash all the controversy. ;) In any case, let me make my case to anyone and everyone who reads this post, that Obama has been a terrible president for our country and we cannot afford to keep him around for another four years. Here’s why:
  • His plan for the next four years: Yeah . . . it’s pretty much the exact same plan he’s had for the last four. Which would be great and all, except it hasn’t worked. In fact it has only continued to crush America’s economy and American’s spirits. Continue reading to see what I mean.
  •  Astronomical Debt: Obama called the debt George W. Bush incurred under his presidency “unpatriotic,” yet he as only continued the trend which has brought us to a national debt of 16+ Trillion dollars. Under his first term as presidency he has spent our country into the hole more than all of the other presidents combined, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon with yet another government shutdown on the way.
  • Downgraded U.S. Credit Rating: Under Obama, For the first time in the history of the United States, our country’s credit rating was downgraded. Just a few weeks ago, it got downgraded a second time. Countries like Russia are selling U.S. debt and China is buying gold. Who knows how long it will be before China starts to refuse to buy our debt. Don’t worry though, the fed has and will continue to print more money whenever it looks like we’re running out . . .
  • Stagnate Economy: Obama promised an improved economy. But, the unemployment rate has remained above 8% for 43 months. Supposedly the unemployment rate has dropped to 7.8% recently, but many feel these numbers are inaccurate as the GDP did not also reflect a spiked improvement. Rosier jobs reports exist only by not counting people who have given up on looking for jobs. If these individuals were included in the jobs numbers for this country, it is estimated that the unemployment numbers would actually be around 11% or so. This generation of young adults seem to need a new nickname - the “boomerang” generation, as many young college graduates are unable to find work in this economy and are moving back in with their parents.
  •  Food Stamp Increase: Never before in the history of our country have so many Americans been on food stamps as they are right now. Food stamp spending has increased 100% since Obama took office. This can be attributed to the horrible state of the economy, and perhaps also because of the ads put out by the National Ad Council, marketing entitlements to the general public. Dependency over self-sufficiency seems to be the agenda of this administration. Especially telling American who have developed their own businesses, that “You didn’t build that!” Obama believes that the government is the answer, not creative, hard-working individuals – he couldn’t be more wrong.
  • Obamacare: While many (including myself!) agree that there are some major problems with our health care system that need attention, Obamacare is not the answer. And very strong majority of Americans feel that way. First off, our country can’t afford it – obviously. Second, it is the largest tax increase on the middle class that our country has ever seen (just ask the Supreme Court, it is a tax – oh, and Obama said he wasn’t going to tax the middle class, not even one dime. . . ) Third, it drains Medicare so that it will no longer be solvent even much sooner than we thought. Fourth, its demands are causing insurance companies to drop things like maternity coverage from their care (I have personal experience to back that one up.) Fifth, it encourages higher standards of care from hospitals and care providers, without any increase of doctors or nurses to provide better services. Because of the demands of Obamacare on health care providers, it is speculated that many doctors will leave the stress of working in understaffed, underpaid hospitals to serve only families who pay cash in private practice. It’s going to cause the exact problems it was trying to fix. It’s going to leave our country bankrupt and with poorer health care and health care access.
  • General Laziness: In June, Obama played his 100th round of golf! He has taken a shocking number of family vacations, while serving as commander in chief, to various ridiculously expensive locations.  He has family time each night from 6:00-9:00pm. He doesn’t attend his security briefings. I’m sorry, but if you are President of the United States – you better be working almost non-stop. Being leader of the free world requires someone with serious work ethic, and it is apparent that Obama doesn’t have it.
  • Beliefs about our Constitution: Obama believes that our constitution should be replaced with a document that expounds on things that the government should do for us, instead of keeping it as it is – a charter of negative liberties, where the government protects us just enough for us to be able to help and manage ourselves. He certainly doesn’t see it as a special or divine document – or something to be protected and used in the governing of this nation. Obama loves signing executive orders like Michelle loves taking cake from fat kids. I believe last time I checked Obama has signed over 139 executive orders. There’s a reason we left England, and started a government with three separate branches – we didn’t like the whole king thing. It’s not the American way.
  • Divisiveness: When Obama spoke at the DNC in 2008, even many Republicans were impressed with his message of a country of united Americans. However, Obama has proven to be an extremely divisive president. He has pitted Americans against each other based on party, income (99% vs. 1%), gender (the war on women), religion (clingers to guns and religion, stifling of Freedom of Religion with Catholics and birth control), race, and so on and so forth.
  • Gas Prices: Obama actually wants higher gas/electric prices because that matches with his global warming agenda. His energy guy is even on record saying that. He has been cutting permits for drilling on public lands, increasing our dependency on foreign oil. Interestingly he has helped Brazil to start their own drilling with American funds, but he did not approve the Keystone pipeline which would have brought many jobs and likely decreased gas prices for Americans.
  • Food Prices: Food prices have increased by 15% since Obama took office. I know I’ve felt the increase in our own family budget. It hurts.
  • "Queen" Michelle Obama: We can’t afford another first lady like Michelle. Literally. Michelle has spent taxpayer money on many extremely extravagant trips and parties. She even demanded to redecorate the white house to match her personal aesthetic. Her lack of thriftiness is pretty appalling in light of the state of our economy, I think.
  • Culture of Death: Obama supports infanticide for babies who survive abortions. Sickening. As if supporting abortion wasn’t horrible enough. He has talked about how he doesn’t wish his daughter(s) to be “punished with a baby” should they slip up sexually. This man believes in a culture of death, when he obviously values new life so little.
  •  Foreign Policy: Obama has projected an apologetic and weak image of America around the world. He blamed the death of 4 Americans (including the U.S. Ambassador to Lybia) on a videotape, all while denying clear evidence that the White House did actually have intelligence that might have prevented the deaths of those Americans – when in reality the attackat Benghazi was a serious terrorist attack. We are continuing to funnel money to countries who have used that money against us in terror attacks. Iran is dangerously close to have a nuclear weapon, Obama doesn’t seem too worried though. He continues to lower the number of nuclear weapons our country has, while countries unfriendly to America continue to grow their nuclear arsenals. Obama has repeatedly damaged U.S. relations with Israel by refusing to meet with Israel’s president. He recently made an appearance on the View instead of meeting with several world leaders who were on American soil. Yes, he did give the go ahead to kill Usama Bin Laden which is great and all – but took an obscene amount of credit for it, when most if not all the glory really belonged to the servicemen on the ground and to the intelligence networks President Bush set up during his presidency. Either Obama personally supports radical Islamists, or he just chooses to ignore them as the security threat they are to our country. Whether he’s dangerously naïve, or there is more sinister activity going on, America is much less safe for him being our president. Obama does not believe in American Exceptionalism. In fact, he seems intent on decreasing our power and influence in the world.
  • Dangerous Choices: Obama did not listen to the generals’ advice about a safe withdrawal timeline from Iraq. Obama has cut our military. Obama has drastically reduced our number of nuclear weapons all while ignoring the obvious threat Iran is with their growing arsenal of nuclear weapons.
  • Enemy of Religious Freedom: This has clearly been the case with Obama. This scorecard shows a few differences between the candidates on that issue.
  • Supporter of Same-Sex Marriage: While some feel this would be an issue to support Obama on, the truth is that legalizing same-sex marriage would be opening the door to basing the most fundamental unit of society – the family - on a standard that insults reason, religious conscience, and ultimately children.
  • Lack of Maturity: Obama has played theblame game for every uncomfortable, difficult, or less-than-stellar story or statistic that has come out against his white house. His favorite scapegoat has been the Bush Administration. (Never mind the fact that he had a democrat majority in both houses of congress for two years of his presidency! Or that each and every president has had his own unique set of challenges to deal with.) You know, I actually felt much safer with Bush as president, but was never very comfortable with the big government and reckless spending his administration and the republicans in congress during his tenure seemed so fond of. The truth is that big government was a major problem with Bush, and it has only grown to be an even bigger problem with Obama. We need a leader who can successfully deal with crises and produce good results – regardless of what the struggles are. These last four years are evidence, that despite Obama’s best (or worst) intentions – he simply doesn’t cut it.
Barack Obama - NOPE! Nobama!!!
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Make sure to check out my companion political installment to this piece, about why I believe Romney does deserve our votes. :)  

Help me out politically-educated friends, because I'm sure I've missed a bunch of reasons - 
Why else doesn't President Obama deserve our votes on November 6th?


  1. Jamie, you're awesome. Loved your views. You made some really great points. I found myself constantly nodding my head in agreement and also laughing at how sadly true some of the things you wrote are. Thanks for taking the time to write this and share it.

  2. Jamie, you named out all of the reasons I wouldn't vote for him, I would add that he has been caught in lies about his own birth certificate, and that EVEN if he was born here, he was a citizen in (I believe it was the Philipines) so that he could go to school. That country did not accept dual citizenship, so therefore he was not able to be a citizen of both at the same time. He had to have renounced his US citizenship, and therefore he would be a "naturalized" citizen, and not a "natural born" citizen. Therefore he shouldn't be president anyways... I would also say that he also quotes Saul Alinski's rules for radicals, where Alinski shows how to turn a completely free country into a communist state. Alinski is an extremely intelligent person, but SO view. But I hate to say it, but it is actually impossible to get out of this mess we are in. I'll explain to you at some point as well, but right now I really don't have time. But watch and that will show you at least the start of the mess we are in. BUT I will tell you, you are very well educated on world news and what it means. You said though "either he supports radical islamists, or turns to ignore the threat", he supports it... The way you can tell, is he was meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood when he ousted Mubarak. He knows what he is doing. That's why he keeps kicking our allies in the teeth while supporting the Muslims. Mubarak was our ally. If you read the Quran, they are supposed to lie to us to spread Islam. (I am just speculating here, but it wouldn't surprise me if the conversation with the Muslims was something like "Look at these silly Americans, they seriously have no idea how much I am spreading Islam in the world, and they have no idea that I'm islamic, yet I have quoted the Quran many times in my speaches, all I have to do is say I stick up for Gays and more than half the country falls in love with me") Ousting Mubarak (our ally), Qudafi, and he is KILLING our economy with the silliest things to spend money on. Like I said, he is not a dumb person. But, even if he is THAT ignorant, we still do not need him in presidency...

    1. This post can't be serious...??? As "scary" as you think Obama is, the fact that there are people in this country who believe this is even scarier.

  3. Great points! And why I would not vote for him as well. I don't completely buy into this idea, but there have been some comparison between his life and life of Hitler, many similarities in how they were raised and came to power, etc. I read this article on it. While it is still yet to be seen if he would turn into a "Hitler" of sorts, four more years could help him do the trick. I don't want that to happen, obviously. I often feel that President Obama is indeed UNAmerican and unpatriotic. Not who I want for a president.

  4. My favorite line: "Obama loves signing executive orders like Michelle loves taking cake from fat kids." Awesome. You should turn that into a bumper sticker.

    Here's one for ya. Do you remember the National Defense Authorization Act provisions that were passed nearly a year ago? Obama signed it.

    You can read a great article here:

    Some of the biggest threats to our rights in the provisions include: Any US citizen on US soil can be considered a terrorist if they have more than a seven day supply of food, weather-proof ammunition, and guns. It also includes the indefinite detention of terrorism suspects without trial. The US military has the power to carry out domestic anti-terrorism operations on US soil.

  5. You're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. I want to address one in particular. Gay marriage is actually GOOD for children:

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      I wrote a blog post, JUST for you!





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