Friday, September 28, 2012

My Hypnotic Undertaking and Two Brushes with Fame

Yesterday, I received some very exciting news in my inbox:

That's right! By June or July next year, I'm going to be a certified Hypnobabies class instructor and Hypno-doula! As probably most of you know, I used Hypnobabies hypnosis for Lincoln's entrance into the world. And it was beautiful. I was so calm and centered. Squire was even surprised how well I managed through the whole experience, as I am not really known for having a high pain tolerance. I loved the empowering experience of giving birth naturally - with hypnosis!

Read any psychology textbook and you will see scientific evidence to back up the validity of medical hypnosis as a pain management technique - more powerful than even Morphine. The power the mind has over the experience of the body is incredible.

And combined with birth? Well, that's just rad.

I feel like natural childbirth is often presented in a way that leaves women feeling like they have one of two choices where their birth experience is concerned:
  • Don't take the drugs. Suffer and scream the whole time.
  • Take the Epidural and have a beautiful peaceful, pain-free experience. 
Obviously, this is simplified, but I think these are generally the two options women feel they have. What if there was a third option we could add to the pool of natural childbirth experience? What if women could have calm, peaceful, and sometimes even completely pain-free birth experiences - without the drugs? This is what Hypnobabies offers. And that seems to me like something most every woman could get excited about - natural childbirth advocates and epidural fans alike. I know I am! That is why I want, and am going to, teach this stuff. It is simply amazing!

Anyways, I won't bore you all any longer with my passionate rant about Hypnobabies. I'll be getting a site up eventually where I can blog more about natural childbirth and advertise my classes without chasing away half my audience here. I'll let you all know when that exists. In the meantime, I will be reading lots of books, and completing a course in hypnosis to prepare myself for the 5 day training that will be held in St. Louis in early May! I can't wait! :) (Would've thunk I would ever be getting trained in Hypnosis? Haha! Gotta love life.)

Oh, and since I'm on a good news rampage - can I just share two more things with you all?

#1: I made it on the front page of the Arizona Daily Star last Saturday - with my bare pregnant belly exposed to the world! Ahhhh! ;) As luck would have it, at my last baby appointment, a photographer from the Arizona Daily Star asked if she could come in and take pictures and interview me for an article because the lady they had planned on interviewing and photographing was busy giving birth at that moment. Apparently, Tucson's Birth Center is celebrating its 30th year. I obliged, and now have a pretty fun and unique treasure to put in this baby girls' box of mementos. You can see the article here.

Read the article connected to this snapshot here.

#2: After the craziness of the attacks from the Feminist Mormon Housewives on my blog for this little post, I wrote this post. You are all more than aware I'm sure. But perhaps you didn't know that I sent an email to the woman who was my inspiration all along - Dr. Laura Schlessinger - about the whole ordeal. And she posted that letter on her site, and sent it out in her daily email on Tuesday!

You can read my letter to Dr.Laura here.
Yay for brushes with fame and fresh opportunities for personal growth! Thanks for letting me share all my good news. These things need to be documented somewhere, right?!

I'm considering including pictures of the Sage and Basil Lincoln spilled all over our kitchen rug, my massive pile of unfolded laundry, my sink full dirty dishes, and a snapshot of my ever-growing unfinished to-do list in my next post to keep it real. We'll see. But this post, is simply a celebration.


  1. Congrats on everything!!! That is wonderful to hear. Like anyone, I don't always comment, but I always read your posts. Maybe you could come and be my doula when I give birth. Apparently this area and Louisiana in general is not very open minded or progressive when it comes to the medical field (particularly childbirth). Too bad you'll just have had your own little bundle of joy, and too bad you live so many states away. LOL. Oh well. :( I'm sure that you'll make a wonderful doula!

    1. Amy - Thank you!! I would totally be a doula for you and your growing baby boy if I lived close! I probably won't doula very much or at all (except for special circumstances like friends or family) until all our kids are grown and out of the house. Too unpredictable and time consuming for me. But I will be certified at least! :) What are your birth plans? Have you found a doctor or midwife you think will work with you? *Fingers crossed that you do!*

  2. Congrats, Jami! You'll be amazing!

  3. Hi,
    its really nice post. i apprentice for your post. thanks for shearing it with us. keep it up.



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