Friday, August 24, 2012

Metro Fix: Lincoln's Man-Apron

Back before Lincoln was born and he was still "Smalls," Squire was already feeling hesitant with all the cute clothes we kept recieving for Lincoln. He didn't want our son growing up to be a sissy boy more concerned about his appearance than about playing in the dirt and having fun. I told him that a cute pair of shoes in his newborn stage wouldn't affect that.

On a completely seperate occasion, I told Squire while I was pregnant with Lincoln that I would want to make our son an apron to wear while he cooked with me when he got old enough. Squire was pretty resistant to the idea all along. That is, until Lincoln decided he wanted to wear this apron of mine, while I wore my other apron:

Lincoln's been wearing this frilly thing for a few months now. So, Squire finally came around to the man-apron idea after all. ;)  (Not that he would have stopped me, and not that I would have listened if he tried, but I'm just trying to make this post more dramatic, you know?)

Anyways, I was in a crafty mood yesterday and didn't really have very much money to buy fabric and sew something big. But, I DID have an old pair of Squire's jeans, some soft canvas, and a couple dollars to buy two d-rings and some transfer paper. With all of that, I whipped this manly man toddler apron up over the last couple of days:

An adjustable non-girly neck strap:

Lincoln's name cut out of the canvas with Wonder paper, ironed on, and embroidered with different colors of thread I had around in my sewing room:

Lincoln wearing his new apron. I couldn't get him to pose for me for the picture.
He was too busy running all over the place. Boys will be boys! ;)

Canvas ties in the back:

Maybe I'll even have Lincoln stamp his handprint on it somewhere with some bright paint, but for now, I'm pretty pleased with the finished project. Now we just have to get cookin' to really` put it to use!


  1. this is SOO cute! i mean, handsome!!! :)

    1. Haha. Glad you caught yourself there! ;) Thanks, Valeri! I hope you and your cute little family are doing awesome.



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