Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lincoln's First Campout

            On Friday Lincoln and I went on Lincoln’s first Fathers and Sons outing.  Even though Lincoln is only 14 and a half months old, I really wanted to take him.  We camped at the Reef Townsite down South of Sierra Vista which is very close to Mexico.  It was a town 100 years ago.  The road going up to campsite was pretty rough.  It had switchbacks for the last two miles.  I even had to put the Jeep in 4 Low at one point.  The Jeep doesn’t have a lot of muscle, but it is nice to have the 4 wheel drive option when I want it.  It was fun driving on a rough road.  Brother Whitely somehow made it up the mountain in a car with his mad driving skills. 
            We got to the campsite just before eight in the evening.  On the drive up there I saw a cotton tail rabbit and a small buck, and I heard some coyotes or wolves howling.  The stars looked great out there.
            Lincoln had so much fun.  Even though it was completely dark that kid just went off walking all by his self.  He is so funny when he walks, he sticks out his belly, charges around with his arms swinging, and muttering to himself.  It gives off this feeling that he owns the place and he knows exactly what he is doing.  I was dubbed the “bravest” father by Brother Price for bringing the youngest son.  I learned it was best to let Lincoln carry the flashlight.  He liked holding it, and as long as he had it I knew where to find him.
            The wind was blowing good.  I’m glad Brother Whitely helped me to set up my tent, or I would have been in a real pickle having to set up my tent and watch Lincoln.  Brother Whitely even had his son watch Lincoln, but he wasn’t much help.  After about 2 minutes his son decided, “It is hard to watch Lincoln he just goes everywhere!”  Brother Whitely responded something like, “Yes!  It is hard work to watch boys like you!”  I thought it was funny to see the contrast between boys and girls.  Little girls always want to watch Lincoln, and little boys don’t want to watch him longer than a minute.  We got the tent up and it looked good.  I roasted some hot dogs.  Brother Pearson made some apple cobbler in the Dutch oven, which he shared with everyone.  He made it from fresh apples.  It was great.  I had been craving some fresh baked apples for a while.
Our successfully set up tent.  This is Lincoln's bed.  Although he ended up snuggling next to me on the soft egg pad.
Lincoln all ready for bed with mustard and ketchup on his face from the hot dog dinner.

It was hard to get a picture of Lincoln's face.  From the moment I let him out of the tent in the morning he was marching all about.

Lincoln liked the fire.
 Lincoln kept me up at night (and everyone else I found out in the morning), but after I got him warm with lots of blankets he slept good.  In the early morning there was a turkey gobbling in our camp.  I didn’t look out, but I just heard it.  Lincoln loved playing with the other boys.  He was watching them, and he looked like he admired them.  He thought it was funny when two older boys were trying to break down the small burned-over branches of what was once probably bushes.  He laughed hard.  The little boys liked Lincoln too.  Lincoln also laughed hard when I carried him around and stepped on old dead wood.
Lincoln learning from the big boys how to knock down dead trees.

Lincoln examining the roots of a successfully toppled dead bush tree.
Lincoln out in the woods.  You can see him if you look closely.

            Lincoln was interested in the fire.  He kept getting real close.  He was walking over to the fire, and it was a good thing I followed him, because when he got there he tripped and fell into the side of the fire.  I grabbed him real quick, but he did get a small blister on the side of his palm.  He looked up at me with a big pouty lip.  He looked right into my eyes, his lip began to tremble, and then a few tears slid down his face.  I picked him up, and he started to cry.  He only cried for a couple minutes, and then he was back to marching around the whole campsite.  Today in church, the Deacon’s President announced that we had a good Fathers and Sons outing and only one baby fell into the fire.  Everyone was shocked.  Lincoln was in Priesthood with me, so I held him up and showed everyone that Lincoln was okay.  I said he only got a small blister, and he learned a healthy respect for the fire.  After he fell in the fire, he stayed about three feet away from the fire, and I didn’t have to watch him so closely.
Lincoln's blister.
            All in all, Lincoln and I had a great time at our first Fathers and Sons outing.


  1. That's great. I'm glad you were able to go.

  2. Oh man, that's awesome! Good job, Squire!

  3. Thank you Katie and Amanda. :)



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