Monday, February 13, 2012

Look Who's Walking . . .

Lincoln was mobile at about five months. So, I expected him to be an early walker. It turns out he has a very cautious personality like his dad! For the last few weeks, Lincoln would take a few steps here and a few steps there with our encouragement. Lincoln still loves to be held, and still crawls and cruises a lot too. But, on February 7th, he decided he was feeling confident enough to ramp up the walking and now he braves the world without a hand or thing to steady him - up to 20 steps at a time. Look at our boy go! :)
P.S. This was filmed last night - February 12th, Abraham Lincoln's Birthday. Exactly two weeks earlier than our Lincoln's birthday! Funny story about that - Google's calendar informed a couple of our friends it was "Lincoln's Birthday" yesterday. We were confused why we kept getting Happy Birthday wishes for Lincoln until my friend Amanda facebooked me to fill me in. ;) I can foresee this being something that will come up again in the future.


  1. Well, at least it wasn't just me that made the mistake! I'm glad I found out why though.

  2. P.S. what a cute walker!



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