Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oh What Fun: Hepworth Christmas Festivities

Oh look! It's December 10th and this is my first post of the month!  I have to admit the pressure of NaBloPoMo (even though I didn't adhere perfectly . . .) kind of wore me out. But I'm back in the blogging game now. :) Want to know what we've been up to? Here's what!

Christmas season has already been in full swing for the Hepworth's. You better believe we've been listening to Christmas music every day! Yesterday, Squire finished his last test of the semester and did very well, so now we have three weeks to enjoy with no school to interrupt our fanatics. Though, as you'll see with this post - we haven't been letting school get in the way of our holiday season!

Last Thursday we went to see the lights at the Reid Park Zoo. They had two nights that were free to all Zoo members. It was raining the night we went, but the drizzle stopped shortly after we arrived. We had bundled up enough to enjoy the chill air and had a great time seeing the lights and Santa.

As I mentioned in this post, we cut down our own tree from Southern Utah this year. We decorated our tree with our original ornaments. And here she is in all her glory!
We may pop up some popcorn to string around the tree, but we'll see. :) I'm kind of tempted to make garlands like this in Christmas paper, or maybe felt? For now, the tree is decorated as much as I care to decorate it. Notice how there are no ornaments around the bottom foot or so of the tree? Yeah, that's how we roll this year, thanks to a little someone. ;) I used some leftover Birch branches from the project for Lincoln's room, as a centerpiece for Fall. But, I decided to turn them into a Star for our tree this year.
Before: Fall Decor
It's kind of cute and homey in a country sort of way. . . right? Though ever since Squire voiced his thoughts that our star looked like something out the the Blair Witch Project, I can't deny it. And, I have a hard time thinking of anything else when I look at it now. Haha. So, unless I can think of something to salvage the star (gold spray paint, glitter, something?!) this will be its last year flying high on one of our Christmas trees.

After: the unintentional Blair Witch project Christmas tree star
We have decided to celebrate advent German-style this year. I found this article on celebrating Advent with an LDS twist. So, I decided to make up a little advent wreath with leftover tree branches and adorned it with some candles and beads from the dollar store. We are enjoying the spirit of Christ that it has already been bringing in our home this year.

Our ward already had their Christmas party. We went and Lincoln was able to sit on Santa's lap for the first time. He was more unsure than anything. He was glad to slide off Santa's knee. (*Side note: For those of you with older children, I stumbled upon this great Christmas FHE lesson on teaching Santa as a symbol for Christ. Check it out!)

Lincoln's first picture with Santa.
Though, Santa's belt was of interest to him a bit later in the evening:

Also, Our friends who we went to see the Christmas lights with, invited us over for family night. We all dressed up in costume to help bring the Nativity story to life for their little ones. Squire, Lincoln and I were Joseph, baby Jesus and Mary.

What else? Well, we have this turkey we have been storing in our chest freezer for an embarrassingly long time . . . Anyways, we decided we needed some turkey to go with all the cranberry sauce we brought home from Thanksgiving in Page. So we thawed and cooked that thing up! I used this recipe with some of the fresh herbs from my garden and it was fabulous. I'll be making turkey noodle soup with homemade noodles from the turkey carcass tomorrow.

Also, this Thursday night I brought these to a cookie exchange:

Andes Mint Chocolate Cookies. Yum. :)
And came home with these:

Booty from the cookie exchange.
Not only did I enjoy the sweetness overload, I relished in the girl talk with everyone there. I even won a silky red apron for having brought the "Most Original" cookie. Here's the recipe for my Andes Mint Chocolate cookies. They are SO good. :)
I've been sewing up a storm this month and won't be stopping anytime soon! Here are two of my recent projects:

I used the leftover denim pockets from the old jeans I used to sew Lincoln's curtains, to sew this pocket wall hanging. For now, I think it will just be a way to store small toys of Lincoln's, but in the future, I plan to stuff the pockets with laminated cards to help him learn his numbers, colors, letters and words. This is one of his Christmas gifts. Shhh! Don't spoil it for him. ;)
Pocket wall hanging.
Here is the finished baby blanket for Project Linus that I started a while back. Note to self: never sew with satin again.

While I've been sewing, Squire has been busy learning the art of wood working with minimal power tools.

I love our open floor plan for our kitchen, it makes our little kitchen seem not so small. But the lack of drawer space has been a bit of a problem. We've had our kitchen utensils sitting on our counter ever since we moved to Tucson!
This picture is from this post.
But, Squire fixed that problem by building this schnazzy little drawer divider:

Beautiful, isn't it?
He has also been working on building a book shelf for Lincoln's room. Here are a couple pictures of it in the works. It should be done by Monday or Tuesday! It just needs to be stained.

The trim is drying on the top - hence the dog pile of awkward stuff. (Like the 5 table legs we found at D.I. for $5?! We'll be using four of them in the computer hutch Squire will be working on during his break.) :)
I've been reading the Hunger Games trilogy to Squire as he wood works, and sometimes he reads to me while I sew or cook. We're halfway through with the last book. Well, to be honest, I read ahead and finished the series because I just had to know how it ended. But, I still enjoying reading it the second time around. ;)

Aaaand Lincoln? With three new teeth making their appearances on his top gums, he's been about like this lately:
"Believe Me, I'm Nice (Naughty)" - Thanks for the shirt, Carly! :)
Though, he's had plenty of happy moments too. Like this one - exploring the nativity set Mimi and Grandpa sent him in the mail:
And that's what we Hepworth's have been up to so far this month! :) I promise to make my next post more focused and brief than this one. ;) We hope you're enjoying your Christmas season as much as we are enjoying ours!


  1. So fun! And though you hate sewing with satin, my Alison LOVES the satin trims on her blankets. And that turkey does look yummy!

  2. Such a great job in creating this blog Jami! I am a friend of Nancy Tripp and enjoy looking at a blog that is so well put together. Keep it up in your SPARE??? time. How do you find time for all you do? Hugs, Pat



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