Saturday, December 17, 2011

Getting Quiet: Where have all my blog posts gone?!

I imagined my blog post title to be sung to this tune. ;)

Yes, as you could see from my last post we have had lots of things to do and places to go! But this last week, in this most fast-moving season of the year I have tried to slow down just a bit. I've been blogging a bit less because I have been taking some time to just get quiet inside. I've been less connected on facebook. I have no less than 307 emails in my inbox right now. Since my phone was stolen, I had to take a break from my cell. Thanks to my mom, it has been replaced. But even still I've been spending less time on it as well.

I feel like I've been such a consumer and producer of information and entertainment that I've been missing the bigger picture. So, recently I've been taking some time to just be with my family and to absorb all the things God has been whispering to me that I've been moving a bit too fast to hear. Changes I need to make. Big truths. Little truths. Messages about Christmas that we won't get from department stores or commercials.

He's telling me that I don't have to change everything about the "system" to find satisfaction with what I know to be true. You know, like how Christmas Non-descript Winter celebrations (*eye-rolling*) are discussed and celebrated. Or how the integrity of the family is attacked at every turn. Or how people are out protesting a corrupt system, on flawed reasoning and entitlement attitudes. Among many many many other things. Yes, it's still important to have and share opinions and truth, but I don't need to worry so much that the bad stuff is out there. Because in the end - Truth will reign, the good guys will win. My focus just needs to be on wearing the right jersey and on contributing to the game from the right side.

He's giving me help in solidifying my own little family's culture. What will be important to the Hepworth's? At the end of my child-rearing years, I don't forsee my children to be the most popular, or fashionable, but I do hope they will be good. That they will have a firm grasp on truth apart from the obsessively commercial and increasingly disconnected society we live in. That they will have a firm grasp on how things are made, grown, raised, sewn, constructed. That they will know how to work hard, play hard, and how to treat others kindly. 

He's sharing a strong message of preparation and provident living. He's telling me that if I'm prepared, I don't need to fear like I have been fearing over the state of the world, this country, our economy, my little family's future. And so, I've been building up our food storage, studying some really old school manuals on provident living, and learning new skills and bits of information. Like, how to make noodles from scratch and how to make fuel sources out of old tuna cans. How to re-purpose, repair, make, fix, mend and grow - anything and everything really. I realize that this paragraph may sound a bit apocalyptic to some, but I'd rather be "crazy" with some peace of mind than stressed with no skills or storage.

He's telling me that if I really want to be better, I need to stop speaking ill of others. Even if only to my husband, or inside my own head. I have to start loving people more. If I can see the bad, or the inconsistencies in other people I can surely take an extra moment to spot the good. He's telling me it's time. That if I don't learn this lesson to love people completely, it won't matter what else I've accomplished or learned. My old Stake President from Reno passed away this last week - President Earl. I have no doubt he is in a wonderful place right now. He loved everyone. He made you feel good by the way he held your hand, spoke with you, looked you in the eyes. Everything in his demeanor and actions was genuinely bent on your care and well-being. By the time I die, I hope I can be like that. God's telling me, I need to be like that.

The quiet has been good.

What wisdom have you learned in your quiet moments lately?


  1. I haven't seemed to have too many quiet moments lately... my life's been kind of in a rush lately... but, I understand this post completely, as I have to sheepishly admit that I'm not always "there" for my family like I should be. However, I have been appreciating the small things more. Kids are great for helping us slow down and appreciate the small things - like the sound of a train passing by, birds flying overhead, or flowers. They are so observant and they help me remember even the small things.

  2. I've had similar thoughts lately. Toward the beginning of December I've tried to slow down my blog quite a bit. It may not look like it (if that is the case, I've been both successful and blessed), but I've spent FAR less time working on my blog. I was spending enough time with the boys, but not enough time with Steve. I was also neglecting my own spirituality. I'm still working on the second, but hopefully things are getting better. It is important for me to do my blog because it is something that is my own, but I also realize that there are other things that are more important that need to come first.



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