Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thankful at Paria

So, about that whole blogging every day this month thing . . . I really planned on doing it. I did! But, we didn't have internet access in Page! Alright?! Alright?! OK, excuse making - over.

Here is one large post documenting our visit to Page - Hepworth Family Thanksgiving 2011. :)

This year, Grandma and Grandpa Hepworth hosted Thanksgiving dinner at the ranch house in Paria. We had a delicious dinner, and a nice quiet day.We contributed some homemade cranberry sauce, which I have always thought was incredibly delicious. Though, apparently the three bags worth I made was just a tad much. Haha. We're going to make up the Turkey we've been storing in our chest freezer so we have some meat to accompany the leftover cranberry sauce we brought home!

 Lincoln posed for some shots before dinner- it was Squire's idea to snap shots in this location - adorable aren't they?

He had fun playing with Grandpa Hepworth, Uncle Trace and DeeRay too!

The Hepworth boys: Grandpa Hepworth, Trace, Squire, Great Grandpa Hepworth and Lincoln. :)

Trace was annoyed with how many pictures I was taking of him. The whole no flash thing makes nice pictures, but is quite difficult to fanagle with a moving baby. So, I just made this one quick. ;)

This one too - Great Grandma Hepworth, Lincoln and Me!

Everyone enjoyed sneaking food to little Lincoln. He's getting old enough now that I'm able to calm down about some things. Here's Grandpa at his house back in Page with Lincoln:

On Friday, we headed out to Paria again to collect the chickens' eggs, to feed the horses and to do a few other chores. After Lincoln's excitement at sitting on the tractor with dad, Grandpa Hepworth decided to take Lincoln on his very first tractor ride:

Tommy liked being near Lincoln. See his tail? :)
Taking the wheel!

Riding the old Massey Ferguson with Grandpa Hepworth.
Snapping a quick shot of us while Lincoln was on the tractor.
While we were in Paria, we decided to go on an impromptu hike. We were out looking for Native American pottery pieces which are quite prevalent in some spots around Paria. Trace's girlfriend, DeeRay is Navajo, and she told us that in their culture, you never bring the pottery pieces home with you because otherwise, the spirits of the people who made and used it - follow you home.

While we were playing archeologists, Grandpa Hepworth told me about the old Cowboy names scratched into the top of the rock. Since I'd never seen them myself, I decided to strap Lincoln in to his Scootababy, and made the trek myself - in a skirt and tights no less! Haha.

A couple of the cowboy names were Bill M., Seers Riggs, and Neff - one was dated 1912.

Up by the old cowboy names.

Squire looking out over the rock.
Lincoln has 4 more teeth coming in right now - so, his thumb's been taking a beating.

I snapped this shot of Papa Hepworth, and altered it to look like an old style black and white photograph. This is how I always imagine my father-in-law. He is a true cowboy. With his awesome mustache, and love of the quiet simple life, I can't help but think he should have been born 100 years ago. I'm glad he wasn't though - because I get to know him! :)

On Saturday, we made a quick trip to Glendale to visit Great Great Grandma Brinkerhoff and to cut down our Christmas tree.

Here are the Hepworth brothers enjoying the Southern Utah landscape, looking for the perfect tree. Quite the opposite of the tree hunting landscape we trekked last year!

On Sunday, after we went to Sacrament meeting with Grandpa Hepworth, we made a visit to Grandma Hepworth's grave. We talked with her, cried for her marked absence at our Thanksgiving dinner table, and told her about all the things we thought she would be interested to know.

Lincoln, visiting Grandma Hepworth's grave. He liked the flowers on her headstone.

Then we drove and drove and drove. Lincoln was pretty good for the majority of our traveling. Though, his sleep schedule got a bit off on the trip and we are now in the happy process of getting him back on track. ;)

We are glad we got to visit Squire's family - to share Thanksgiving with some of the people we are most Thankful for -  and to see the places that are dear to our hearts.

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