Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rolling with the Punches: Twilight Zone Sabbath

I always loved watching the Twilight zone episodes with my dad as a kid. Though I prefer to keep the eerie, awkward, confusing feelings within the realm of the tv show.

I'm kind of weirded out when moments the smack of that awkward eerieness happen to me in real time. Like when you go to church, only to find an empty parking lot because it was actually Stake conference but you didn't remember because you were sick the previous week? Didn't we already do that whole awkwardness?

Or the feeling you get when you think your picture is being taken, only to realize you were actually being filmed instead?
Yeah, that was the overarching tone of today. But since we'd already dressed up for church, we thought we'd take the opportunity to do a little shoot and redeem ourselves from all the jammie shots from yesterday's post.
Lincoln trying to slide down out of Aunt Riley's arms.
Lincoln distracted by the rotating ceiling fan.
The latest Hepworth family photo.
Unfortunately, I didn't get a video of Granny pawing and kicking at a punch ball while on her back in the arm chair. That was perhaps the most (hilariously) Twilightzonesque moment of the whole day. 

 But there is a generous consolation prize - this photo:

What a day.

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