Monday, November 14, 2011

Review: SAS Fabrics By the Pound in Tucson

I have a love/hate relationship with fabric shopping. I love beautiful fabrics. I love crafting and creating with fabric. Fabric adds softness, color, and texture to a room like nothing else can. But crafting with fabric is also so expensive. I feel guilty every time I leave Jo-Ann - even though I pretty much exclusively shop the red tag fabrics. Seriously? "40% off any one regular priced item" - and everything is already marked down 30% . . . Yeah, that'll get me one spool of thread three for $3, or half yard of trim for $7. Ridiculous.

But, I thought today I'd share a little gem my friend Amanda shared with me about a week after I moved to Tucson: "SAS Fabrics By the Pound". Ahhh! The sound of SAS is music to my ears and bubbly joy to my sewing machine. The stuff they sell there is CHEAP! They have a huge variety and you never know what you will find.  It is a crafter's/seamstress' treasure trove for sure.