Friday, November 11, 2011

One Person's Trash . . .

. . . is the Hepworth family's treasure!  
Better play this song while you read for good measure. Haha.

We've been enjoying our trash in a few unexpected ways lately.

See this honey bottle? It's filled with . . . (guesses, guesses anyone?)
"Honey" bottle.
NOT honey, silly - baby shampoo! We're working on another bear bottle for the body wash. Maybe after another month or so of honey-buttered toast? :) I thought the idea was a cute way to add in a bit more visual stimulation to Lincoln's bath time.

Same shampoo, new look.
Maybe we can add the old baby shampoo bottle into Lincoln's large and ever changing repertoire of recyclable "toys" . . .

Seriously, we bought (and received) such nice cute toys for Lincoln to play with and all he ever wants to play with is the trash! We've just given in and let him play with the cardboard boxes and empty milk jugs until recycle/trash day comes around. As you can see, we're very ready for recycle day to arrive! ;)

Still a bit sick, but on the recovery since yesterday! Hooray!
And finally my favorite: an up-cycled Basmati rice bag into a re-usable grocery bag (or purse)! :)

The before picture . . .
The after picture.
I had some left-over fabric from the apron I gave away not too long ago. So I used it to make the handles and to expand the sides. The bottom of the burlap was trimmed off and sewn in to give it a flat bottom.

The bottom of the bag.
The bag is lined with red fabric I had leftover from making our tree skirt a few years ago. The bow too. Sew fun! ;)

What do you like to do with your trash?

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