Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The MUST HAVE Cloth Diapering Tool: Bum Genius Diaper Sprayer Review

As you know, we cloth diaper Lincoln. If you didn't know, and you're curious to read more, you can read my other posts, here:
We're pretty hard core in the fact that we don't even take a break from cloth diapering for trips. Call us saints, call us crazy, but the truth of the matter is - we're mostly just cheap. Cloth diapering has made us squirm at the thought of having to go out a buy something we already have that works just as well.  And, cloth diapering on the road or on trips has never been too much of a problem. When Lincoln was exclusively breastfed, his poop rinsed out very easily in a rinse cycle in the wash. But now that he's on solids . . . not so much.

Only, on our most recent trip I had a new - and disgusting - experience with cloth diapers. That being the plastic swish stick in the toilet approach to washing off the poop. Really, it was disgusting, time-consuming, and I all but had to dig my hands around in the toilet with the inserts to get them rinsed well enough. I've told Squire that if we travel with our cloth diapers again, our Bum Genius Diaper sprayer is a must - otherwise it's disposables for Lincoln's bum.

If you're considering cloth diapers, a diaper sprayer is a must purchase item. It took this trip for me to really understand, but now I know.

Here is our little diaper sprayer pictured below. Squire says it was really easy to install. I will say it is pretty entertaining having the sprayer in our guest bathroom like we do. Everyone who has to use the guest bathroom always questions us about it with caution. Haha. Bidets freak Americans out. If nothing else, the thing is a conversation piece! Perhaps my study abroad in Vienna was more influential on me than I had ever realized? ;)

Our diaper sprayer.
Ours was made by "Mini Shower", but it came in Bum Genius packaging? It seems like the two are different on Amazon. The Bum Genius one got some pretty bad reviews, and the Mini Shower brand sprayers got good ones. I don't know how all that sorts out, but since ours says Mini Shower on it, and judging by the good reviews and our personal experience, I would probably recommend buying one that is Mini Shower brand.

It's pretty simple to use once it is attached. When the spout is down, the water flow is cut off.

The water flow is off.
When you pull the spout up, the water flow begins . . .

The flow is on.
. . . and you simply hold the button on the sprayer to get the water to spray from the spout. The water stream has quite a bit of kick behind it, but it only takes a couple uses to get the hang of it. I can easily spray the poop clean from the diapers with the direct and powerful stream that this sprayer produces.

The sprayer in action.

You need to make sure the spout is turned off after use. If not, you water will pool a bit around your toilet! But, as long as it is in the down position, you're safe.

Back off - don't forget this important step!
Oh, and one other thing - you need to make sure that the sprayer is facing the correct direction when you are spraying the diapers. Otherwise, you might end up screaming as a cool rush of toilet water shoots you in face. If you don't remember this though, I'm sure it will only take you once to learn this lesson. I know I've got that one down pat now! Haha. Really though. Unfortunately though, I do! Squire accidentally put the sprayer facing out instead of in, and I got a face full and the shock of my life when the sprayer got me instead of Lincoln's poopy diaper! Thank goodness for soap.

But even despite that one black mark on my Diaper Sprayer experience, my overarching feelings about my diaper sprayer remain overwhelmingly positive: thank goodness for its beautiful wonderful existence! I'll never cloth diaper without one.

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  1. Yes, a MUST have! :) We had a silver one like yours. It lasted us a couple years. Then the button broke. :( I was very very sad. We bought another one to replace it...a different brand... and it's spray is too weak. :( Debating on whether it's worth the effort to return it now.



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