Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just Yesterday . . .

 Wasn't it just yesterday that this hot little gran of mine
was posing for a quick photo shoot on my green kitchen wall?
 Or that she cuddled with her great-grandson as he wiggled around in her arms? As he wore the adorable overalls sent by my cousin Carly - who my Granny was just visiting days before?

 Wasn't it just yesterday we are all together - off for a perfect day at the zoo?
Wasn't it just yesterday that this little sister of mine was a fresh little baby too? 
I can't believe how much more of a woman she becomes every time I see her!
Not so freshly hatched anymore!
(As I was looking through my photos to upload, I found this one for some reason among the bunch. 
Can you believe how tiny and adorable she was? This was about 6 years ago):
 Back to the future, and she's here with me at the Reid Park Zoo . . .
The lion cubs at the Reid Park zoo.
Now she's not so tiny anymore. And somehow she is becoming even more beautiful than she already is.
My beautiful sister, Riley.
Wasn't it just yesterday I had this newly grown-up little sister of mine to
help me care for and play with Lincoln? To entertain and delight him with her vigorous dance moves?
 Wasn't it just yesterday that we moseyed around together, spotting our favorite animals, 
pointing out the nuances of their behaviors and features?
Riley's favorite - the Zebra.
Wasn't it just yesterday that we could all hug and see each other for real -
 no Skype or other virtual communication devices necessary?
Wasn't it just yesterday we are all still together - smiling, laughing, 
and talking for hours and hours and hours and enjoying the fresh perfect air?
Wasn't it just yesterday that granny taught us her tricks to making the perfect English Toffee - 
her most-desired and darn-near-impossible-to-recreate Christmastime treat?

Wasn't it just yesterday I noticed the hilarious way my gran and mom feed off each others' sass? 
I thought I could even see a bit of my mom and myself in their interactions.
Thai food for dinner.
Wasn't it just yesterday that these three gorgeous women in my life, 
were still brightening my day with a wonderful visit?
Riley, Granny Shanks and Mom.
 Yes. That was yesterday. I even still had them for a few hours this morning. But, now they are on their way back to where they came from. And, I wish yesterday didn't already have to be today. 

Please come again soon Mom, Gran, and Riley. We miss you already!!

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  1. It is so wonderful that you have such a close relationship with your family. What a wonderful blessing!



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