Sunday, November 13, 2011

Home School Church

Lincoln passed his bug along to me. My symptoms do not include a fever (*fingers crossed*), but they are still noticeably uncomfortable. Knowing that the little guy is contagious, and seeing as he is still in remission himself, I've decided that today will be a "home school" church day. How does one worship at home school church?

-We'll be enjoying the sounds of The Mormon Tabernacle Choir on CD.
-The dress code is substantially less dressy. More along the lines of sleepwear actually. . .
-I've made some headway on a blanket to donate to Project Linus that I think I'll try to finish if Lincoln naps as long as he has been the last couple days. Don't worry, it will be washed before it is donated. ;)
-Squire will index names on the Family Search Indexing site as I sew.
-We'll have a short lesson - tailored to the attention span and interests of an 8 month old - featuring a picture from our Gospel Art Kit and some of Lincoln's toys as a visual reenactment of a gospel story.
-We will get some quality family time in as we snuggle and use this as a literal day of rest.

Dressed and ready for home school church.
And that's about how I'm planning this day will go down. A simple sabbath for the sickies.

What do you do when you're quarantined for home school church?


  1. We sadly enough don't do enough when we're MIA from church on Sundays. Though we definitely rest, and I try to do some family history, maybe.

  2. We are permanent home school church goers! (at least for 3 years) We like to sing lots of songs, watch mormon videos and today we used the friend on the web and watched "one in a million" videos! we do this for how ever long my kids want to, sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 30!



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