Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hepworth Halloween: Hidden Treasure

I've told you all about the fabulous Reid Park Zoo in Tucson before. I love it! I have to admit - I love it even more after our Halloween visit today! It was very well decorated for Halloween and many who roamed its pumpkin-lined paths this morning were also trimmed to celebrate. I went with a couple friends from my ward and their kidlets. It was quite busy, but we still had a nice time. My friend Amanda took some beautiful photos of the babe and me while we were there:

"Let's never grow up, Peter."

Here you can see a couple shots of the Pirate deco near the Warty Pig exhibit:


While Lincoln and I were partying it up at the zoo, Squire was off at school celebrating Halloween in his own sort of way . . . by sawing a cadaver's face in half. Literally. No joke. No pictures either. But I'm sure that is an experience he won't be forgetting shortly. On a lighter note though . . . 

After the zoo festivities, Squire and I purchased a gorgeous corner cabinet that we've had our eye on for a while. We got it from an awesome local thrift store - Another Man's Treasure. My neighbor, Hannah helped us transport it home in her truck. The tag on the cabinet said it was an Ethan Allen piece. So, we did a little searching online and discovered that the price we paid for ours was less than a fifth the price others are selling this piece for online. Booyah! Not that we plan on selling it again, it just feels good knowing I got a better deal than I expected I did. I'll take that Halloween trick! :) 

I'm already relishing in the joy of having a place to display my dishes again
Jack Skeleton decoration there for Halloween. :)
A view of the whole space. Lovely! :)
Oh, and would it be a Hepworth Halloween without a pumpkin being carved the day of candy collection?! No, no, no! After we set up our cabinet, Squire had to run to 6 different stores to find this white pumpkin to carve because we put off going to the pumpkin patch every time it was planned this month. 
He did good, real good, I think:

We handed out candy to a handful of cute little trick-or-treaters in our Wild Thing costumes, and enjoyed some Pumpkin Squares for dessert. For us - it was definitely one sweet Halloween.

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you all had exorbitant amounts of fun and that you and yours had a chance to consume copious amounts of candy.
Oh, and lest I forget - HAPPY NEVADA DAY!!! to all my Reno peeps. :)


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