Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Green Pinkie?: My Little Herb Garden

I have terrible luck with plants. I over water them, I forget to water them at all. That's why for our home, I've mostly just stuck to the fake plant route of home greenery. Do you remember this "resilient little plant" we blogged about a while back? Yeah, it died too. (Squire wrote that post and made it seem like we were both bad with plants, but that just isn't true. Squire got a bit of a green thumb from his mom. He's good, I'm terrible.)  But, the whole gardening thing is supposedly one of those things provident homemakers should do. So, I'm giving it another go now that I'm at home full-time and not living in a basement.

My little herb garden newly planted and still alive. . . ;)
Since I'm more of a cook and crafter than a gardener, I thought the best compromise would be to grow some herbs to season my food, and make some garden markers to label them. I searched through some ideas online, was influenced by this lady's cute garden markers, and tweaked them to make them my own:

You can read this better in person.

Mint has to be planted separate from the rest as it is supposedly very invasive.
Here's to hoping I can find at least a green pinkie in these plant-killer hands!


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