Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Boring to BAM!: Not Your Granny's Shower Curtain

So, I guess my last post was number 300! Too bad I didn't do something more exciting and ceremonial for that like write out 300 things you never wanted to know about me and probably wouldn't take the time to read anyways. . . oh well. Post #301 has something I'm extremely excited about - my latest (and greatest?!) creation.

My Mom, Granny Shanks, and little sister Riley are all coming to visit us Hepworths (but mostly just Lincoln ;) ) this weekend! Up until now, our guest bathroom has looked like this:

So I decided now was as good a time as any to spruce up the bathroom with a shower curtain. With a little help from SAS, a burst of creativity, and one long day of sewing, our bathroom now looks like this:

After: BAM! Haha. :)
When Squire saw all the fabrics I had picked out for the shower curtain, he said something along the lines of how if we set up a strobe light with the finished shower curtain, everyone who used the guest bathroom would be sure to have a seizure! Haha! He is right about it demanding attention. But, I am happy to give it attention it demands. I'm so pleased with how it turned out.

I'm still figuring out my Bernina 730 Record. It doesn't have a one-step buttonhole, so I got lots of practice in tonight sewing about 20 buttonholes on a scrap piece, and no less than twelve on the curtain. I used a bright orange thread for them . Aren't they cute? :)

The colors are a bit wonky in this one, but you get the gist.
Another close-up of the curtain's funky chenille trim and the ruffly bottom.

The colors are a bit off on this one too.
Another shot of the bottom detail of the shower curtain - hanging in the bathroom:

Ruffly bottomed shower curtain.
A shot of the top portion hanging in the bathroom:

That's that funky gold lace I mentioned in my last post. :) 

Notice the old school burnt orange trim. :)
One more picture to finish off this post:

The most adorable shower curtain. Ever.
I think I'm going to go sleep in the guest bathroom so I can be near my shower curtain now. . . Haha. Tempting, but no. Not really. I really do love how it turned out though. It's a hippie, funky, tropical, disco, sorta-but-not-really-old-ladyish, retro, Anthropologiesque shower curtain. It's something for sure. It's just - me. :) *Sigh.*

What do you think? . . . Wait, are you still there or did I lose you to a seizure? Hello? Hello!?! Someone call an ambulance!!

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  1. If you try to compare the before and after photos, you would observe how a simple bathroom transformed into a beautiful one, and it was simply by adding an adorable shower curtain. The design and color looks vibrant. You must’ve been proud of your work, no? It was beautifully done! ;)



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