Monday, October 24, 2011

Tradition!(s): Tucson Meet Yourself and a New Family Tradition

It has been a busy busy 9 days since I last blogged! I've been really wanting to blog about what we did last Saturday, but haven't gotten around to it because I've been sewing like a madwoman to finish our Halloween costumes (which I still haven't . . .) for the Halloween party we attended on Friday night. Then Saturday, Squire and I got the chance to go the the Mesa temple. It was a day of firsts as neither one of us had ever been to the Mesa temple - it is gorgeous p.s. Here's some proof: :)
Mesa Arizona Temple
Mesa Temple - Image Credit: Murray Dalton on flikr
The other first being that Lincoln was babysat by someone other than a family member for 3 whole hours! I was surprised how nervous I was about it, but it all worked out great in the end - Lincoln is still alive and well and it was wonderful to go to the temple for a spiritual recharge. But, back to what I should have gotten around to blogging a week ago . . .

A shot of the crowds at Tucson Meet Yourself downtown.

Tucson Meet Yourself: the event we attended last Saturday. Our friends Sean and Erin invited us to attend with them. It's a festival where people of all different nationalities come together to downtown Tucson to share food, dance, music, crafts, and language from their respective cultures with the public. I love this sort of thing. It brings me back to Austria. We sampled Filipino, Jamaican, Greek, Turkish, Irish, Danish and Swedish food. 

Jamaican food: Goat Curry, Festival (fried cornmeal bread), Plantain, and Rice and Peas
We heard Pacific Islanders drum, Brazilians chanting, and saw a Gypsy woman dance to live music that sounded like something akin to Fiddler On the Roof. 

We could only have enjoyed it more had it not been so hot out. 
Ready to leave the festival after a couple hours in the sun!
Speaking of "Tradition!(s)" . . . attending this festival has encouraged me to really get going on a new Hepworth family tradition I've been contemplating: Monthly Family Culture Night. Here's my plan. Once a month, we will spend an evening as a family eating food, listening to music and learning a bit about the culture and people from another country. I have this awesome book on International etiquette that my sister McKenzie gifted me several years ago. I also plan on utilizing the internet and public library as resources in the information gathering for each culture night we have. Later, when our child(ren) is(are) old enough, he(they) can contribute to the info-gathering. We will learn a few new words in some new languages, discover some different recipes, and hopefully have our taste buds, ears, and hearts opened just a bit more to other cultures in the process. First in the culture night line-up: Ghana. I will report back on the blog after it happens - hopefully this week, but at least within the following week for sure. Those costumes are still calling for me . . .

Have any of you out there done anything like this with your families? How did you do it? Do you have any resources to share?


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